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Good morning to Summer Sun,

From a recent success:

“To Mike, We just wanted to say thank you for all your help buying our first home.  Being first time home buyers can be overwhelming and you helped make it easy for us!  Thanks again, The B’s”

What I see cross my desk speaks to a busy buying Season – strong sales and higher prices.  Good properties are selling with multiple offers.

Affordability:  Un-employment numbers continuer lower, with the under-employed holding single digit rates.  Some call this the new “fully-employed” economy.

Loan Changes:  I hear questions of how tight loan qualifications are. We have been successful with a 580 credit score, plus 3 ½ % down payment, for quite some time.  The real challenge – Job Stability.  A good employment history is key to flexibility.

For Home-Buyers:   The process may become easier. Yet before deciding to buy, know your potential first.  Let us help provide you with the careful guidance, expertise, and preparation needed to keep you – and your referrals – safe, secure, and lender smart. A great way to shop informed.

2017 is filled with new optimism.  Give us a call.

Let’s see you how you and your friends, fit into this changing market.

Let’s prepare today, for your brighter tomorrow.

Our Lending Tools – Your Living Success:

  • Pre-qualification conversations help determine what best fits your life-style. We offer proven recommendations to help you successfully achieve your dreams.
  • Veterans:  No money down to $636,000. For a purchase price over $636,000, the Veteran buyer pays only 25 % down payment for the overage – i.e. a $736,000 purchase needs only $25,000 down. This is special. Call for details.
  • Restoring excellent credit takes time, but with our guidance, it can start today.
  • Call about our updated version of Stated Income – one using bank statements.  It fills the gap for those who miss out, due to standard lending guidelines.

Each of our success stories begins in coordinating our buyer’s desires with viable options – ones that fits their view of tomorrow. This helps make our good buyers a strong buyer, ready to win the property they want.  If this sound good to you, call. We love success.

Tools protecting you and securing the Lender’s investment in you.

There are four primary tools used by our lending partners to protect you, as you secure a loan: 1) Ability-to-pay, 2) Willingness-to-pay, 3) Life-style of choice, and 4) value of the loan in comparison to the value of the subject property.  Together these help sharpen our focus as to what one can safely buy, while respecting lender concerns and questions.  These are key to the success you seek and deserve.  It is what we do best.

In Closing: 

We truly appreciate your trusting us with the people you know, whether buying or to refinance.  With interest rates continuing far below historical average (8%), now is an excellent time to enjoy the full benefit and value of home ownership, whether buying new or refinancing for home improvements.   For those seeking to buy rental income properties, they continue to perform admirably. Key is location.

A confident buyer, with a qualified real estate agent,

backed by a proven mortgage broker – Mike Ryan, 

is the equation and pathway to your next success story.

Call me.  Let’s discover what you have been waiting to find, today. 

Call today.

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