January Residential Lending Successes and Market News

Good morning to the joy of a New Year,

I enjoy anticipating the hope and embracing the promise of the New Year. Though our year finished quietly, I am energized by the dynamics of the coming Spring year. It will be fun.

Based on phone calls, Home Buyers will be our primary focus this Spring Season. The Good News: We have new lending programs even more flexible and better able to meet the needs of Buyers. This is the benefit of our stable, steady market, with a strong economy.

Points of interest: Call us to learn more

  • For Veterans: We have program available for purchases up to $ 1.5 million
  • For single family homes and condos: New lending limits: $ 726,525
  • 1st Time home-buyer: Down payment assistance
  • Self-employed: Use bank statements, not the confusion of tax returns to qualify

Market News

Since early November, the 10-year treasury dropped 1/2 %. Most likely in response to a world-wide economic slowdown, plus changes in Fed policy – both rates and liquidity. We will watch future decisions by the Federal Reserve, expecting more favorable actions.

Nationwide, year-end housing prices were up about 5 %. Locally and based on location, we were off a couple percentage points, mostly in the last few months.

For those concerned, let’s take about the strengths of our economy:

1) Oil prices are falling, not spiking as in the 1973 and 1979 recessions.

2) Interest rates continue most favorable compared to 1981 and 1983 recessions.

3) Banks are not failing and are far stronger than previous.

4) Consumer and business confidence remains very good, not tanking as in the recession in 1990.

5) Equity prices are low relative to earnings and corporate investment is growing,where as both “bad” in recession of 2000).

6) Level of disposable income to assets, is at favorable percentages not seen in many years. And,

7) There is no mortgage-lending scandal (2008).

Here are a few variable to keep our eyes on:

1) Weakening exports due to a high dollar and slowing growth worldwide.

2) Increasing corporate debt in the face of higher rates and possible slow down in revenue. 3) China bear market, even after new foreign money attempted to prop it up.

Will there be a slowdown? History says yes. But based upon the above, nothing seems imminent. Thus, outside some cataclysmic event or political suicide, we look to be in good shape. Key is making choices and decisions based on solid and proven models and verifiable facts – not on headlines nor voices of divisive anger. We will be here to help.

However, if you have concerns and doubts, we can help answer your questions, address your concerns, and develop ways to maximize your financial security. We love working with clients seeking a better tomorrow for their life and family. Call us. We are ready.

Informative News

Thought US Markets are jittery for several reasons, the primary concern is that troubles in the EU and China, may slow US growth. That said, US growth in the 4th quarter of 2018, should be a strong 3% give or take, with real positive being wage growth at its best level in a decade. This is shown in strong retail sales. Note: Current events do not compare to the “dot.com” collapse. Tech company balance sheets are strong, not speculative.

Recent Residential Success Stories

Good news: From now until Spring, I believe there will a healthy calm, as Buyers and Sellers anticipate Spring. Plus, with the end of the election cycle, we might benefit from an end to the tariff struggles. Spring will be fun, so start considering your options, today.

Because You Matter

We work with individuals, professionals, and Small Business owners. And, like you, our focus is on securing the most advantageous financing to best fit you, your real estate, or small business. Our initial ‘sit-down’ often proves “key” to your next success story. It is a step based on our experience and expertise. We carefully review and utilize the tools of our trade to best able achieve the success you seek. It is an effective use of time and efficient in defining productive, long-term solutions.

Our distinctive difference: Our Company has been in business 16 years, focusing on financial “solutions” for residential, commercial, small business, and construction. This includes Reverse Mortgages, tax-deferral of highly appreciated real estate, and advantageous loans for small business and commercial. For Myself, the focus of my 28 years is bringing the joy of success to real estate financing. I love what my multi-disciplined experience brings to our clients and your clients. It is my passion.

Our approach and experience sets us apart and offers a solid reason to call today.

As you can tell, home finance is far more than a scant overview of rates and fees. What is needed is a financial specialist who wants to know you and your concerns – one who is able to address your needs. It is how we best optimize your desires, within the right loan.

My suggestion: Plan Today, so you will be ready for your Tomorrow.

One closing thought: Yes, the standard loan is our bread and butter. Yet we love a good challenge and are ready to help today. We love to hear “Yes”, when others say, “no way”. Give us a call. Our many referrals speak to the quality of our workmanship.

As always, thank you for your calls and referrals. Your success is our priority.

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