July Residential Lending Successes

Good morning to July,

For some, Summer brings doldrums to the Real Estate market.  After a fast-paced Spring that continued the exuberance of last year, a return to a normal, slower summer pace, may seem a  respite. Yet for a few, it may seem nerve-wracking, more of the glass is half-full mentality.

For me, as a finance guy and landowner, I see Summer as an opportunity for property owners to tap into their increased home equity for property improvements.  Why so?  I have always found that by re-investing in my real estate today,  I am more than able to provide additional value to my home or property.  One key improvement is to focus on “curb appeal”,  that unique visual appearance that others want to own.  How good is this?  Call us, we can help.

We enjoy helping our clients meet their dreams, with solutions befitting their financial capabilities and abilities.  Give a ring. You will learn that my tendencies lean to the fiscally safe and secure viewpoint. Why? Because your tomorrow is of primary importance.

How is the residential market doing?  Glad you asked.  July residential homes sales are holding steady, with more homes available for sale.  Yes traffic is slowing, with fewer written offers. Yet this makes now a time to buy.  One wonders if last year’s Spring-like bump in the Fall, will happen again.  Consumers and homebuyers are not predictable, nor the mind of potential Sellers.

Seminar:  Smart Planning for Real Estate

Here are the promised links to my upcoming events in both Fremont and San Francisco.  I look forward to seeing you there.  The topic: “Tax Deferral and Avoidance Strategies for Highly Appreciated Real Estate.”  You can expect to join the group to register.

July 17th


July 18th


On the 25th, I will be speaking at Jeff Pollock’s meet-up in Santa Clara. https://www.meetup.com/San-Jose-Real-Estate-Networking-Club/

Then at the end of September, we will again have our table at Bruce Norris’, “I Survived Real Estate”.  It is a black tie gala – at the Nixon Library.  If you would like to sit with us, at our table, reach out to me for details. It will be great and much fun.

Informative News


Here is a fun list from our economist friend, Chris Thornberg, PhD of Beacon Economics.  He helps point to our “Great Disconnect”.  Let me know your thoughts and response. The left column is what the conversations, media and representatives seem overly focused on, to the right are Dr. Thornberg’s thoughts for what we Should be worried about:

What we Are Worried About    ….……What we Should be Worried About

Number of JobsNumber of Workers

Who pays for HealthcareWhat Are we paying For?

Tax LevelsTax Structure

Income InequalityWealth Inequality

Funded Govt. LiabilitiesUnfunded Govt. Liabilities

Business InvestmentLack of Public Investment

InflationSlowing of Lending

Cost of CA HousingSupply of CA Housing

Recent Residential Success Stories

One recent success story speaks to the importance of strategic planning. It involves careful conversations with one of our long-time clients.  The outcome:  Their purchasing the first of a couple of rental properties, outside the immediate Bay Area.  Our planned approach was to take one step at a time, into their new chosen market.  Research can be wonderful, but when combined with the actual experience, the outcome is doubly satisfying.  A smile of success like no other.


Talk about a fun challenge! Another of our Realtor partners called with a client working as an active rehab / flipper. In turns out they had access to more property than their current funding could carry.  And here is the challenge. They were days from having to close escrow.  Close the deal and make money, and if not, lose the investment.  The good news: We have a private lending partner who saw the project for what it was and financing was quickly arranged.  The property and the profit, is now added to this year’s work-flow.  Lending that fits the need, is what we do well.

If our approach to success sounds good to you or your friends, give us a call.  We offer a full range of options with a broad view towards solutions, one best fit for you and your situation.

Because You Matter

Our initial consultation often proves “key” to your next success story.  This first step helps make clear which tools of our trade – based on our experience and expertise – will help you achieve the success you deserve.  It is an effective way to manage your time and an efficient way to open the doors needed to customize the solution you seek. It sets us apart and a solid reason to call us.

Here is a broad summary of available lending options to meet your plans and ideas:

  • Conventional Financing – including incentives for our deserving Veteran’s
  • Purchase, Refinance and Cash-Out loans
  • Construction and Re-Hab loan programs
  • Jumbo loans and loans for Rental income properties
  • Buy the “replacement home”, before selling your current residence
  • Putting off Capital Gains taxes on owner Occupied and Investment properties
  • Reverse Mortgages – or other such good options – to meet cash-flow challenges,

The tools and interest in real estate financing, is broadening.  For some. they are just now investigate reverse mortgages, tax-advantage financing, and loans for small business and commercial.  For me, my entire careers has been focused on the joy of real estate financing. It is my passion.  What can be better than seeking multiple solutions or providing a smile of success.

As you can tell, home finance is far more than a scant overview of rates and fees. What is needed is a financial specialist who wants to know you and your concerns, one who is able to address your needs.  It is how we best optimize your desires within the right loan.

My suggestion:  Plan Today, so you will be ready for your Tomorrow.

The standard loan is our bread and butter.  Yet we love a good challenge and are ready to help today.  We love to hear “Yes”, when others say, “no way”.  Give us a call.  Our many referrals speak to the quality of our workmanship.

As always, thank you for your calls and referrals.  Your success is our priority.

We remain gratefully yours,

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