June Residential Successes Continue to Roll On

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While nearly half way through the year, a big question remains – Will the Federal Reserve Board bump rates and if so, why? Quite the speculation with all the conflicting data points and a world economy in turmoil and indecision – including China and Japan.

A couple of market metrics to add to our perspective:

1) California Controller Betty Yee indicates the top 1% of California taxpayers, pay 50 % of State tax dollars. Scary to consider how important these 1% are to our financial stability. This is not sustainable nor well diversified in a recession. Sorry media :-)

2) Per Chistopher Thornberg, Chief Economist with Beacon Economics, no single valuation measure will tip us into recession – not inflation, stock valuations, commodities, or real estate. None are in a bubble.

Why are these 2 bits helpful? They help add to how one might view a recession – what to watch out for and how it might effect the financial security of our State, with its’ glowing expectations. Sadly, the traditional tool for calling a recession – GDP or Gross Domestic Product – is a “lagging” tool, often telling us of a recession that started 8 months ago. While a good tool, it is a poor crystal ball, often catching us short-sighted.

What is a good defense? Keeping a close view on where you are today. And how to begin? My suggestion – call me. Together we will help bring a healthy sense of where you are today and your expectations. We call this our Strategic Setup Conversation. It helps summarize, update, and then plan for success.


This approach to success matches well with this months success story in helping Steve and Gloria purchase a home. It was one of the more fun transactions we have put together for a young family –

Gift money, retirement money, past credit rough,

job loss in the middle of the transaction,

and cash payments for the past year of rent.

Wow! With their diligence and desire, matched with our great association and perseverance – success was achieved!!!

Then there is our client desiring to help their daughter purchase a home. She was a fresh graduate, with a new job letter, and her 1st paycheck. Were we successful. Yes! The deal was done with smiles!

The Challenge – The Dream – The Success – Together

These are some of the more interesting purchases we have helped close. Yet our success is more than just Michael Ryan. It is because we surround ourselves with skilled professionals who care.

We love the easy and never turn away the challenging, which helps explain why we receive so many referrals. A business friendship for life.

Give us a call. I would love to be introduced to the one’s you care about, who want the first step be the best step. We know our business and have been getting it done for 20 plus years.

Be well and talk with you soon.

Gratefully yours,

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