May 2020 Letter From My Heart

Good morning to Spring blossoms and a prayerful end to the Corona virus scare:

Change for this month: With the daily flow of valued news, we will forgoe this month’s – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

We will fight through this. Unknown: The overall lasting impact on our economy and how wide spread its impact, even upon our elderly. Like any virus, please don’t take it for granted, as it virulent and highly contagious. Yet don’t act out of fear.

Question: Will people spring back to normal or will there be longer term behavioral changes, as we end the lock down – cities and States. For me, I believe in the American spirit and our non-defeatist attitude of success. We may retreat, but we don’t quit and are ready to go, once given the green light. This is core to our history and what keeps us vital and energized.

The Good News:

Our phone keeps ringing and we are available today, to talk with you – by phone for now. Why call? Because we bring our special talents, well-tuned experience, and focused training to every call and loan. We work at working together with you – helpful and informative. Let’s talk.

Rates continue really low for most buyers and those seeking to refinance.

So let’s prepare today, for your better tomorrow. Call today.

Housing: As expected, sales have dropped – but not stopped. Opportunity ?

Current home owner? Fantastic! Let’s talk. I expect rates to remain low, for the time being. Enough time to take full benefit of this rare situation. They will start moving and once they do, the pace of change will quicken. If you have been waiting, now may be that “good time” to act. My suggestion: Let’s talk now, work together on-line, then prepare to lock in these great rates.

Still renting? With todays’ wonderful mortgage rates – let’s review how much more home your downpayment can buy, than last year. Let’s examine why homeownership now, maybe the better option, after carefully discussing both sides of the coin. Key: Good Preparation.

What does this mean? Laying out the differing strategies, as you decide what is best for you. Our approach is step-by-step, so can best trust the decision you make. Best of all: It’s free with the hope that buying your new home will be fun, simple, and straightforward.


The common answer is Yes. But for the first time the Federal Reserve, the President and Congress are acting now, and not waiting. They are putting money directly in the hands of people, Small Business, and those working for Small Business. This should put us in an excellent position to lead the way out of this most un-anticipated event. If we are first, we will recover first and may even stronger for it.

Don’t let the fear mongering news monsters touch your spirit. We are a great nation and stand for America. As individuals, we take pride in what we accomplish, we love success and are always ready for challenge. We don’ t back down and I don’t back down. Success is a must.

The Good News: Our government and Federal Reserve are acting to minimize the impact and adding money to speed our recovery. They have the tools and we have the American Spirit.

Spring Buying Season

With improving rates and our resilient economy, now is the best time to begin planning for home-buying. Good News: We are ready to help, working some of the very best of the major lenders, while steadily watching over the shifting sands of real estate finance.

We are ready today, to provide you a strong loan – best in price and service. Call us today.

Our real estate friends suggest good preparation is the difference maker. Let’s talk.

Is this your Time to Buy or Refinance?

We will show you how and why, now is the time to make this dream happen.

Call Mike –

Helpful News:

Facts are the best counter to “fake fears” about a recession. It overcomes misguided distortions and brings a helpful reality to what matters to you.

  • Economy: We entered this period with a very strong economy, with businesses having excellent cashflows. This helps dampen current troubles. Add to this that the 2nd round of SBA funding – Payroll Protection Plan – has passed. The political reality: Not enough of the available funds may reach the “true” Small Business sector – for now.
  • Monetary policy influence: Massive Federal input. Extended unemployment claim time, more money in the checks, Fed rates near 0%. A huge help for the working family and Small Business. We will keep you current. Key: Preparation, not panic.
  • Trade talks: With focus on the virus, we hear less about the on-going workings, conference calls, zoom, etc. The amount of work is amazing. Let’s hope the virus does not negatively effect the progress already made.
  • Oil Prices: Dramatic reduction in demand for oil, due to the Virus shutdown, brings a matching decline in oil and gasoline prices. This is a welcomed offset that should help our economic recovery. Interesting how markets work and adjust. Prices for gas ‘increased $0.15 cents at a big discount supplies, Costco. They now are a closer match price of everybody else. Fewer buyers, means less gas sold, which effects their volume pricing.
  • FHFA: Governing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they may soon include FHA and VA home loans. After a few weeks of jamming those who serve loans, there is now some movement to help them out. They are needed and essential as independent servicers have between 40 to 60 % of the market. Keep in mind, they have a legal requirement / obligation to forward payments up the money tree – whether you pay or not. Thankfully the message is finally being heard, before this oversight shuts the whole system down.

This ‘behind the curtains’ issue needs solid resolution, to restore and maintain confidence in the system – the actual movement of money once in the system. Stop the politics.


1) We provide loans – new and refinance – for Small Business and Commercial. This may prove most helpful in our near-term turmoil. 2) We offer specialized tax-advantaged alternatives, when selling highly appreciated real estate. We are proud to ask: Why pay Capital Gains taxes now? Why deplete your cash, when unnecessary? And 3) We provide strategies to help keep you in your home, while providing more options, than just a Reverse Mortgage.

Call today and let’s prepare for your tomorrow – Now.

More News:

FHFA: Modification – Those serving loans – Servicer – are now legally limited for only 4 of any missed payments. A good start, but far from the fix needed to avoid potential risks, if wrong.

Oil Prices: We await Congress to approve the Federal Strategic Reserve, to add to the reserves at these very low prices or to rent out some of the existing space. Good for market stability, insurance for tomorrow, and raise a few more dollars. Will political gamesmanship kill it?

Virus: Please remember, the disease spreads from one person to another. This means we the people have become responsible for the care of one’s neighbor. We know the danger and know social distancing works. Add a personal face mask and a self-serving test for the virus, and we should soon be returning to work. Key: Blame no one and be thankful we can return to work. My hats off to everyone who is participating in the ‘stay away’ / stay home program.

I love this time to be farming – 7 days a week. But I miss the face-to-face conversation, the hug and the handshake. So keep healthy, patient, and wise, while I hug one of our 80 beehives :-)

Springtime Buying

Normal or a Season of Surprises ?

Good News: for our business people, quick thoughts. 1) There is capital to be found: Commercial sale and lease-back is a potential path. 2) Couple this with one of our Capital Gain tax deferral strategies, and we can help keep more businesses operating.

Key: Call now. Waiting can restrict your options and reduce your alternative. DO NOT wait until the last minute. One client waited, against advice, and wound up paying over $300,000 in taxes. That expense could have been delayed and the cash working for him.

Another great idea I recently heard: Longer re-payment options for those with retirement accounts. One can access the money and take up to 3 years to repay. Let’s talk.

If you have ideas and strategies, Let me know your favorite idea.

It is all about the plan and the planning.

Closing Thoughts:

We are the financing arm to help leverage your strengths with assets and accumulate long-term wealth. We offer needed information – perspective and plausible financial solutions – with strong lenders ready to say “Yes”. Give us a call. If you are interested in this kind of outcome, let’s start building your future, today.

Thank you and continued blessings.

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