May Commercial Lending Successes and Notes

Good morning,

With thoughts of thankfulness and great gratitude to those who served and offered their lives for us, let us celebrate Memorial Day with honor, dignity, and respect.  

This weekend is considered to be the kickoff of the Summer Season. A season where markets often slow down for personal enjoyment and travel; where interest rates tend to meander, lacking a real sense of direction – barring the unexpected. Drive safely.

Pertinent 1st Quarter numbers give a solid indication our housing market is alive and well.  With this, we see the housing markets response remaining quite conservative, as restrictive construction lending continues.  The Outcome:  Demand is increasing, supply is lacking, and prices will keep rising until new “supply” becomes available.

Good news: Our commercial-based lending is booming. Check these out.

 Refinance of an assisted living facility in Hawaii

 Recycling business expansion in the Central Valley

 Repositioning / re-allocating some highly appreciated assets to investments with lower appreciation, but greater cash-flows. Re-balancing has its benefits.

Bottom line:  When the first bank says ‘NO”, don’t let this stop you.  Such calls and referrals is our “BOOM.”  We love it when your vision becomes your success.

While some lead with fear and others by exuberance, our focus is to remain steady.  We trust the markets and its metrics, as the proven path to success, rather than headlines and twitter,.  It’s here we learn to discern what is important, with the hope of seeing past false fears, or “No”, or blind enthusiasm, in your decision making.

We continue busy, with a heap of thanks for your calls and referrals. Plus a great thanks to the many keeping things running smoothly and on time.  From top to bottom, from the beginning to the end, our assistants are proven winners dedicated to your success story.  My thanks as well to you, our dear reader, especially for your insights and comments.  We learn so much from your feedback.

Like people, markets tend to be rather dynamic, always adjusting and adapting to change – good or bad.  It is with this view of life, we are able to best serve you.

Be well and we remain, Gratefully yours.

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