New Years Letter From My Heart 2021

Good morning and Happy New Year,

New Year Expectations

Regardless election expectations and hopes for the coming year, it is good to remember that few actual outcomes – of the political process – will happen anytime soon. It usually takes about a year before the new team of players can effect meaningful change. Be watchful.

Uphill battles will continue and fears of the electorate – next election in two years – will be as is should be – a real concern. History shows how quickly voters respond, when politicians fail on the truth and credibility scale. So regardless Georgia or the Courts or the Senate, high stakes politics and uncertainty will continue. We will know more next month after more banter and blame. We will be here to help maintain perspective and provide helpful insight. 

Regardless the politics of left and right – domestic and global – it seem the politics of CoVid will continue to be a primary focus and driving force of our economy, stocks, and even the pricing of real estate – both real estate and interest rates.

One wonders if politicians recognize – or even care to realize – the American public is souring on the topic.  In spite of all the talk, the public is more and more, ignoring shelter-in-place recommendations. People’s desire to have their freedom back – to be with others by free and responsible choice – is gaining momentum. Government cracks down with showboat glamor, and then violate their own mandates. Why? They know what we know, how to make responsible choices – not only for me, but for the sake of others as well. 

And who has taken the blunt of these mandates: Small Business – the entrepreneur, the family man, and all their employees – the easiest to attack and least able to legally afford to respond. How Sad !!!

Let’s hope the latest round of “free” money is finding its way and will provide some more than deserved buffer. Some fear this will trigger inflation. It will not, as people need to work before the inflation feared will become a problem. What it will do is lower US dollar and raise the price of gold and cost for oil. For now, a bigger government debt is not yet a threat to inflation. 

Instead, look, research, and remember, the most irresponsible pork and this the price Small Business is paying, to get very meager help. Pork-barrel legislation is alive and well on Capital Hill – without a sincere care for the taxpayer – until we vote them out.

Let’s Talk

Hoping to buy this Spring? Make now is the time to begin preparations. Call today. 

Let’s look at the facts that matter and avoid headline fears and frets. From where I sit, we are in the midst of a golden opportunity. 

Housing Stats:

With rates likely remaining low near-term, one’s “ability to buy” remains favorable. This is especially true as income increases.  Current numbers suggest a 10 % increase in home values.

Second, things to do with real estate are rocking – from buying to rehab of existing properties. And when real estate is alive and active, one thing is KEY:

Being ready today, with a strong loan application in hand. 

This helps puts your Realtor in the best position, for your offer 

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Third, let’s review the media myth, as to ‘median home price’. This myth suggests we are a market too hot, to handle. Long-story short: Based on stats, actual home values have increased a healthy 7 % over the past year – based on affordability we are able to buy closer to 15 % more home. Media misuses “median price” claiming 15% appreciation. It fails to say with more higher priced homes selling, relative to lower priced homes – median price must automatically go up. Thus this favored media number – medium price – has limited, useful value, for Buyers. 

Bottom Line:

Call today and let’s prepare for Spring Buying Now.

What’s new for Real Estate 2021:

1) Conforming loan limits take a nice bump upwards. Conventional to $ 548,250 and Hi-cost up to $ 822,375, depending upon County limits.

2) Rates: This week up about 1/4 % as the market reacts to the election and expectations for change with Georgia going Blue. But, overall remaining low as the sllower economies in the EU, China, and Japan, continue to help.

3) Stable stock market – with consumer friendly rate-policy, at the Federal Reserve.

4) Favorable markets should build buying power for our real estate market. 

4) Inflation remains soft: Stable oil prices and rising wages, offset by productivity. 

5) Demand for new construction – entry level housing – is gaining momentum. Good news.

Based on what we know, as of today, 2021 should be favorable with a good economy.

The Good, the Bad n the Ugly

The Good:The above chart, from the United Nations, shows actual US death rates – historical and projected. NOTEEven with the panic of Covid, the actual rate is declining.Further, because the number is still positive in the first part of the chart with deaths, it helps to underpin that – as a pandemic – the reality is not a numerically supported number. Keep asking.

The Bad: In making sense of the election – if even possible – here are a few numbers that pricked my interest. Consider 81 M votes for Joe – more than Obama – vs. 75 M for Donald. In contrast, if one looks to the County level – counties won or lost – one is almost shocked. Joe’s total: 677. Now compare this to Donald. Donald won 2497, near 4 times more. Now compare to a charismatic Barak. He received 69 M votes, winning 873 Counties. 

Out of these contrasting truths, one thing for sure. America has been given a wake up call – If we want to remain governed by the Constitution, good sportsmanship, and the spirit of honesty. 

The Ugly: Looking again to the above UN chart – where we discovered the Good – we also find the Ugly. First, the trough for death’s per thousand was 2013. Notice the rate of change has been decreasing since 2014. The expected increase is due to the Baby Boomer generation leaving, then in line with reduced births for a couple generations, then the next increase is as the Millennials leave. And, note the current. Not what we hear on the 6 o’clock news. 

The charts constitutes the understanding of the Good and the Bad n Ugly, this month. Above all else, let us learn a few things: live free, be responsible and choose wisely, and fear not loving our neighbor, as we should. It is key to our liberties. Fearing death is not the answer. Love is. 

Bottom line – Keep and sustain the American spirit. Let us live the Lord’s message of Peace, joy, and love. Keep these three close in your heart and let them be your first priority. In this, never lose sight of our reality: We are a nation of Small Business and free enterprise; of family, joyful traditions, and community – let’s not lose it, but be responsible for it. 

I thank you for being a regular readers – your input and your thoughts. My goal is provide perspectives, reasonings, and the words of the many experts I have shared time, over these many years. Being active keeps us accountable to ourselves and gives justification for keeping our politicians aware and accountable to each of us, as voters – especially as to real estate. 

Closing Thoughts: 

As we again turn our focus onto our personal real estate needs, we are finding increasing questions, essential to those who are older. In this, we address a myriad of questions in need of a myriad of answers and possible solutions. They range from working to home to a multitude of retirement considerations. In this are found important real estate planning issues and answers. The Goal of every conversation: Be insightful, practical, and working things out, together. 

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Thank you and continued blessings.