November Letter From My Heart

Welcome to the Month of Giving Thanks,

With economic numbers, we often see both winners and losers. The winners: Home owners benefiting nicely from a return to strong appreciation. Those not so lucky: First-time buyers chasing these rising prices. Equally difficult are those seeking a mortgage below $100,000 – a market where competitive financing is almost non-existent. Lest we forget, many parts of our country have homes less than $80,000.

More Good News: GDP continues improving, as do our local employment numbers, since hitting bottom last February.

Speaking Engagement: I finish this year with 3 additional speaking engagements. Free tickets are available, so please contact me directly. More the merrier.

  • November 18th: Realty 411 event, in Pleasanton

    • Topic: Benefits of Preparation and Successfully Funding

  • November 21st: Fremont and,

  • November 22nd: San Francisco – Bay Area Multi-Family Investing (BAMFI)

    • Topic: Traditional & Creative Financing for Apartments

The GOOD, The BAD & The UGLY

The GOOD: Rock solid, growing economy – local and nationwide – as we await possible pro-business tax policy. Good news for stocks, pensions, and retirement.

The BAD: Failure of public policy and political will to take on the challenge of a severe “under-supply” of housing, in our economic centers. As we reignite our growth machine and jobs return – something we owe our next generations – we need to create housing able to meet demand. For years, we have lived with a failing set of social priorities. But now it’s time for new voices, whether City, State, or Federal. It is time for pragmatic solutions – not talking points – that will help all the people.

The UGLY: Lack of training for our “trades” – skills that underpin nearly everything. Unions lack the capacity and tech schools are limited and underfunded, with most high schools no longer offering “shop-class”. Education better matching actual needs, as well as student talents, would be a good start for this and other issues.

In Closing: As year-end approaches, we are having positive, helpful, discussions on important topics – inheritance buy-outs, rehab options, reverse mortgages, and delaying taxes on capital gain earned on highly appreciated homes and investments.

Your calls are what makes this business, the work I love. Coming up on 30 years experience, I remain highly motivated to finding solutions, providing helpful alternatives, and achieving success when others say, “No”. You are who makes this business real for me and most satisfying – regardless the challenges and the unexpected. And if I don’t have an answer, I will bring every bit of my learning and experiences, to finding one beneficial to you.

Here’s to a fabulous November, as we remain thankful in all things.

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