November the month of Thanks – Our Letter From My Heart

Good morning,

As we enter November, we are reminded of the joyous season of Thanksgiving. Quite the reality of how quickly one year becomes another. Also a good reminder of how a good plan keeps us on track, when everything else moves by so fast. And we are here, as you begin preparing for the coming years.

Here are this month’s news-points:

* As suggested previously, we see mortgage rates continuing to be most favorable for real estate.

* Rents and property values continue to improve, though demand historically lessens in the fall.

* “New” home sales are nearing 25 year lows, and this not adjusting for population growth.

* The stock market experienced a needed pull-back, though year-end tax selling may test lows.

Now onto a bit of our Good, Bad and even the Ugly:

The Good: An interesting data point, as we look ahead. The nation-wide vacancy rate for our neighborhood and community shopping centers continues improving. This is good news for all. On a second front, allow me an opinion on the new lending process – TRID. Quite simply – I love it!!!


THE BAD: Home and business ownership, by individuals, has now dropped to the lowest percentage since 1967. I would argue governmental policy and over regulation is keeping millions of people from fulfilling their dreams. This is more than sad. Question: Will our elected official learn how to stop and listen to the very people we need to help build our future? Smiles are not enough.


THE UGLY: The primary election process reminds us of how our country is meant to work things out. Yet in September, the one we elected as President, Mr. Obama, issued another Executive Order. This one concerns the hiring of behavioral scientists to determine and ensure if people are being “properly” engaged within the bureaucracy. Are we now hiring highly qualified people, based in behavior? Truly a new and interesting world we inhabit.

Final Thoughts:

Lenders continue working on feedback regarding the new forms that will benefit everyone. Amen. Goods thing often take time, but its worth it. And as our hallmarks, we believe in close communication with our clients, keeping things moving smoothly and our clients smiling.

Give us a call, as we believe in our clients and home ownership. We also encourage investment property as an excellent way to diversify one’s investment portfolio and build lasting wealth.

Have fun and talk with you shortly!

Gratefully yours,

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