October Good Bad n Ugly continues with this Months Letter From My Heart

Good morning as Halloween draws near,

Interest rates, politics,and International affairs. Quite the combination of characters dancing together more and more, on the world stage. Most certainly the November elections are part of this dance. Here are a couple of personal consideration for 2017.

  • If Hillary wins, there will be more of the same, with stagnate growth and weak employment continuing. This is predicated on both over regulation and compliance issues, as both tend to put a choke on growth.

  • If Donald wins, we have a period of opportunity to shake up the status quo and potentially make movement towards a stronger County. Not everyone wants America strong.

  • The Fed may seek to increase rates one or two times, but rising uncertainties in Europe may prove to be the fly in their desires. This outcome may result in the opposite of higher rates. Instead the Fed Reserve may need to consider negative interest rates.

Being right or wrong is not the issue. Far more, it is about looking ahead in order to gain needed insight into what may directly effects our real estate. This approach offers an opportunity to review investment plans and market timing, while assuring our investments are safe and secure.

Staying on top of such things, is one way we are able to successfully provide and arrange the financing you need – whether residential, commercial, or small business. It is also a good reason to keep us in mind, when you have questions or are looking for a trusted, experienced lending expert. We are able to bring to the discussion a helpful range of knowledge and insight need for success. Give us a call and let’s get started. The market is still running hot and excited.

Here a few stats of interest:

  • 7 million people between 24-54, are no longer seeking employment.

  • Local housing affordability remains constant.

  • Property sales and time on market, remain steady, well within normal seasonal variation. Bottom line: all is good, yet not as hot as last year.

  • Big bank abuse continues, with seeming little fear of the politicians they helped elect. No new news here.

The Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good: More conversations about housing and transportation, at the State level. Maybe helping turn the tide away from anti-growth policies. It is time and good to hear, as it is the best way to meet the need for affordable housing.

The Bad: Trump has been outspent 10:1, yet he is even in the polls. Amazing how the upper echelons think we can be bought, as if the dissatisfactions felt by so many, is not real or they simply don’t understand. Not only bad, but quite sad.

The Ugly: This month it’s the rhetoric against the candidates, by both the media and Hollywood. The vote is straight forward – no change to the status quo or the clear possibility of a major shakeup. All else would seem mere window dressing.

In closing, we have the Federal Reserve caught between a rock and a hard place. What to do? Worry first about stocks, or put the needs of those who save (and pensions), first? One speaks to increased risk and the other to the often taught discipline of saving. With the world in trouble, the choice is not easy.

A great example is California Public Employees Retirement System choosing to double down on its investment in apartment income. Hoorah! This change should help reduce the expose of the taxpayer to the fears and concerns of an underfunded pension. Let’s hope the newer group can begin to stem the tide.

Our specialty is real estate lending and financing. We are here for you. Whether it concerns your home or a decision to diversify into other real estate investments. We have the knowledge to help and time-tested experience to keep you safe. We would love to meet with you to discuss your many options. It begins with the first conversations and from there, the doors begin to open. Call today.

Let’s keep sharing, caring, and enjoying life. Have a fabulous day!

Gratefully yours.

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