October Letter From My Heart

Good morning,

This month is jumping and the heat in the kitchen is still cooking. It has been exciting and challenging in good ways.

Our markets have seemed fascinated with interest rates these past days, though rates themselves, continue moving sideways. Often we hear: “What moves rates and when are they going up?”

I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts

In the past, inflation and jobs were primary driving forces guiding interest rates. Today, we need to add to this world politics, US debt, and international economies. As you can tell, there are no easy answers, only multiple possibilities and considerations. For me, I believe there is a most basic and simple answer: When the economy shows sustainable growth and “real” wage growth.

For some, it seems the current slow economy is to become the new normal. But for me, I believe our nation has great potential, with an economy in waiting. Waiting for what? For leadership able to tap into the marvel of small business, human ingenuity, and the creative power of innovation.

First Overhaul in Decades

New today – Saturday, October 3 – the loan forms used to close any real estate loan, have changed. It is the first overhaul in decades and designed to better inform and protect you, the client. Amen! They have been in practice these last few months and now finalized. One very good change: A new 3-day cooling off period. Be sure to ask about it when you call.

Onto the Good, Bad and Ugly:

The GOOD: Our local economy. In simplest of terms, booming with more to come.

The BAD: The Federal Reserve policy. It seems distracted with a yet well-defined sense of tomorrow. This creates confusion in the markets, making it more difficult for businesses to clearly identify future costs and risk. My 2 cents, it is better when the Fed remains independent of domestic politics as possible.

The UGLY: Public policy. There seems a continual and near unhealthy desire of our politicians to “kick” the can down the road, even on issues touching the moral core of what makes America unique. There seems a real frustration among many of us, seeking ways to be heard, waiting for politicians who know how to listen and how to act.

Closing: Rates are important, but just one component in determining your best loan program. And with mortgage rates remaining stable, you are in the strong position of finding the lending-partner key to meeting your specific needs and financial goals.

Our goal is to keep you smiling, of being creative when needed, yet always knowing the importance of preserving your hard-earned money and keeping you safe. If this approach sounds good to you, please give us a call or let your friends know about our unique approach. Have a fabulous month.

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