Residential Lending Successes for October

Good morning to the cooler days of October,

This month a bit of change.  The hope is to: 1) bring focus on a sense of our market, along with, 2) a word or two on how we might further serve the needs of you and your friends.

I.  As to our market: August and September was another good month, with a bump-up in pricing. The question: Will October bring any slowdown?  Difficult to answer, as we continue to have the lowest “number-of-days” for unsold inventory, in the past 15 years.

Why?  Because housing supply continues to lag jobs growth. One exception maybe a slow down in Palo Alto / Los Altos market. Yet this maybe due to a slowing in the 16% rate of appreciation.  This slowing will likely skew the overall numbers, as such appreciation has not occurred for myself or many of my clients. It will be interesting to see how these numbers balance out in the coming month.  Keep reading each month.

Regardless, near-term values continue positive for nearly everybody, with little if any, slow down in pricing.  Our stock market and tax policy may provide helpful insight.

II.Three areas worthy of further discussion:

1)  Staying in your home, post retirement.  We continue to have solid conversations concerning reverse mortgages.  Many focus on meeting the monthly cash needs of one’s household.  The good news:  A reverse mortgage is but one of many possible solutions.  So please call if you have questions, concerns, or want a solution.  We are here find answers best addressed to you, your needs, and your future.

2)  Is it time to Sell?  We offer four successful strategies toward deferring taxes on your appreciated properties.  Two of them are suitable for owner-occupied homes.

3)  General investing:  We are long-term investors and love conversing with possible first-time investors or those owing dozens of properties.  Planning techniques and strategies are critical to success, whether buying, holding, selling, or deferring taxes.

Our successful stories continue, as we never fear the difficult challenge.

We appreciate our clients and are thankful for our lending partners. Also, I am particularly proud of our supporting team.  You may know some of the names, yet please keep our entire them in your thoughts. They work hard for you and are a team of caring individuals focused our your success. Thank you: Dennis, Paul, Amy, Shila, Christelle, Joe and Rhonda.

This my team of professional ready to serve and treat you with the respect you deserve. We are here to help you move forward to the next step, whether buying or to refinance.

Thank you again and please enjoy the wonderful days of the Fall Season.

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