Residential Loan Successes Stay Strong into September

Good morning,

Real estate is quite amazing. For most of us, our home is a proven and valued, long-term friend. While things around us can go and up – sometimes dramatically – real estate has a nice resilience. It may bend, but it does not break. So in the midst of PC correctness, crazy stock markets, financial woes in Greece and China, or my favorite, politicians wanting to be heard,

Home is still the best.

Home ownership is a proven winner. It is why we work so hard to help you secure the best mortgage. It is key to your success and a safe tomorrow. We take this serious and is why we work so hard for our clients.

This month we have two success stories to share: First: A first-time homebuyer successfully purchase an inherited property. We qualified them for a low-down payment loan and with the appraisal identifying a couple of fix-up items, we now have a thrilled and appreciative new home owner. It is heart-warming. Many thanks to our fabulous Realtors.

Second, the beauty of a successful 1031- Exchange. It helped our client avoid an immediate $300,000 tax bill, while using the net-sale proceeds to: a) buy their new down-sized residence and b) invest in an income-producing property for future income. Excellent.

Real estate is quite amazing and options exist.

Your successful tomorrow is just a call away. Call today. We love exploring ideas and finding answers when others say no.

Thank you and be well.

Gratefully yours.

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