Residential Success Stories for December

Good morning to Winter Holidays and Christmas shopping,

It is good and quite satisfying to exceed client expectations. It is what we desire for each client.  This month, we have two particular clients having a most excellent one.

But First:   A hopefully helpful perspectives about home prices and buyer patience.

Core Logic confirms nationwide single family homes  – year-over-year – have increased in values by 7 % – October to October.  Great news. Yet it maybe helpful if this pace slows. Though much awaited by homeowners, such rapid appreciation may cause some buyers to leave the market. If so, home values may drop, as buyers begin to wait for a supply of “new” homes, or ones fit for their personal, even emotional, need.

Truly, home buying is more than just affordability and I believe we will see even more buyers willing to patiently wait for both better pricing and homes better meeting their personal expectations.  Spring buying could prove most interesting.

My suggestion:  Let’s plan today, so you will be ready

when the home you seek, becomes available, tomorrow.

Success Story #1:  Our first client was introduced to us, after a Big Bank lender – at the 11th hour – stated the clients down payment didn’t fit their program for investment properties.  We welcomed the call and understood the challenge.  The good news: Working with one of our lenders, we overcame issues of a gift being used for a downpayment (proving there was no gift), within a tax-differed exchange. What a great Christmas story –  loan documents being drawn today.

Success Story #2:  A client, in the midst of a financial storms, needed a small, short term loan to complete the remodel of their investment property.  The loan package we successfully submitted, provide much needed funds to fix seriously outdated fixtures, plus needed improvement after a rough tenancy.  The outcome:  For our client, a “5X” return on their investment.  The benefit of selling the home to a retail buyer, instead of it being sold as a “rehab flipper”.

In our Success Stories, it good to know we offer more than the Big Banks and 

the boundaries of their lending practices. And to think, it all started with a call

and a conversation.  Is time for us to begin a conversation about your tomorrow.

We specialize in straight forward loans.  Yet we never turn away from a challenge, finding “Yes”, when others say, “no way”.  Give us a call – we are ready to help.

As always, thank you for your calls and referrals.  We love solutions.

We remain gratefully yours.

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