Residential Successes and News for October

Good morning to October and Halloween fun,

Real estate housing has a most interesting dynamic,

one important for those seeking to finance. 

We live in an interesting market where change often brings a broad range of effects. For example,  reforms to Health Care and Dodd-Frank, even the new trade deals with Mexico and Canada. But perhaps most impactful, has been business and personal tax cuts, along with regulation reforms.

Yet it can be said that no change is also a form of change. For decades, we were the powerhouse of innovation, yet today, much has been lost. Where once there was one, now there are 3 – US, EU and China.  What plays into this: Corporate IP theft, outsourced manufacturing, taxation, and stolen technology.  These and more, plays into the larger picture.  Most troublesome: This picture is huge, complex, and intricate. Thus the best we can do is to seek educated guesses and then see how it plays out. For sure one needs to be nimble, ready, and informed. Call us. We can help.

In the end – amidst these details – it still comes down to a Seller and a Buyer agreeing on a mutual set of terms, with the Buyer driving the process. Even today, with our  “overheated” moments –  where the Seller seems in the driver’s seat – it is still the Buyer who decides to pass or play.

Regardless, our role is to help the Buyer meet the financial terms of the Agreement by providing a safe and secure lending solution. Knowing at days end, the one answer that matters is the Buyer.

Market News

  • Unemployment rate drops to 50 year lows at 3.7 %
  • Weekly earnings are up a solid 3.4 % year-over-year
  • Federal reserve bumps rates for third time this years, with bets for another in December.

Informative News

Locally our market seems to be wondering, with homes sales off 20 % of last year and 2X the number of homes available, what will a normal pace look like?.  At the same time, I hear a lot about “less traffic” and offers not being quite as aggressive.  If you put off buying in the past, my view is that now may be an opportune time to re-engage.  Give us a call and let us review your best lending options, together.

I am still not seeing much change in the commercial realm.  One particular concern is for Small Businesses impacted by road construction – a process that seems to take far too long.  When one ask questions as to why, the typical answers are quite negative, even discouraging. Perhaps the effects of our elected officials representing us for too long; no longer in touch with those who know the direct impact to sales and its financial reality.

Recent Residential Success Stories

One of our long standing clients, very conservative, purchased rental properties in the late 90’s.  We refinance them near 15 years ago, shortening the terms and buying down the interest rate. A   fabulous game plan.  Now we just refinanced one of their “free and clear” properties, as the kids are now entering college.  Quite the gift!  What a thrill to have been an active player in the conversation and determining the final solution.  Best of all, their other properties are on track to provide a great retirement!  Give us a call. We love it when real estate makes for a better future.

Good news:  From now until Spring, I believe there will a healthy calm heading into next Spring buying season. Plus with the end of the hocus-pocus chaos of the election cycle, we might even see another tax break for the working family?  We try to keep the hope of tomorrow, real today.

Because You Matter

We work with individuals and professionals – like yourself – whose focus is on securing highly advantageous financing for their real estate properties and small businesses. Our initial ‘sit-down’ often proves “key” on the path to your next success story.  This initial step – based on our experience and expertise – helps clarify the tools of our trade, best able to achieve the success you deserve.  It is an effective use of time and efficient in defining the custom solution you seek.

Our distinctive difference:  Our Company has been in business 16 years. Our focus concerns  “Solutions”, for residential, commercial, small business, and construction financing. This includes reverse mortgages, tax-advantage financing, and more advantageous loans for small business and commercial loans.  For Myself, the focus of my 28 years is bringing the joy of success to real estate financing.  I love what I can bring my clients with my multi-disciplined experience. It is my passion.

Our approach and experience sets us apart and offers a solid reason to call today.

As you can tell, home finance is far more than a scant overview of rates and fees. What is needed is a financial specialist who wants to know you and your concerns – one who is able to address your needs.  It is how we best optimize your desires, within the right loan.

My suggestionPlan Today, so you will be ready for your Tomorrow.

One closing thought: Yes, the standard loan is our bread and butter.  Yet we love a good challenge and are ready to help today.  We love to hear “Yes”, when others say, “no way”.  Give us a call.  Our many referrals speak to the quality of our workmanship.

As always, thank you for your calls and referrals.  Your success is our priority.

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