Residential Successes continue in the New Year

Good morning,

Holiday cheer and celebrations are over. Let’s return to the dynamics of the world and the things effecting our today and tomorrow: 1) the flood of immigrants and its financial effect on Europe, 2) the continuing slowdown in China, and 3) the strength of the US dollar hurting US exports.  These help explain why our lending rates remain low and why more foreign money is investing here, even though the Fed raised rates in December, as predicted.

At the same time, we have a few real concerns here, such as hourly wages not keeping pace, and regulatory barriers continuing to keep the non-participation rate high. We even struggle with a low inventory of available houses for sale. A few of our clients have suggested that more houses would provide a greater selection and more home to offer more bids.

Our Concern: Are our clients being effected, and if so, how we help?

Our clients’ view of their today and tomorrow, is what makes me tick. And if one desires to wait for spring, this makes sense. But let’s remember, this time of the year is often the best time to refinance, and often the season to find the best deal on a home. We are here to help you make the decision that is best for you. Give a call today. It can be an excellent choice for tomorrow.

Why so? What better time to engage in “strategy-building” than now. Being prepared today, is the best way to win tomorrow and build a more secure future.

We didn’t slow down through the Holiday’s, with many of our clients in contract. What greater present than to help people refinance, while rates remains so attractive. It puts money in their pockets, reduces credit card debt, with less money going out the door each month. A fabulous combination of events, with a most positive effect on the assets and family budgets.

Our stories abound and we would love to help you achieve your goals and meet your desires. We can even offer help, when others say no. We do not shy away from the loans that need some extra help or hand-holding. Let’s talk about what might be done for you, whether easy or not so easy. Thank you for a year to be remembered – all your calls, referrals and business.

We look forward to another year of being your mortgage specialist – the one you call.

Gratefully yours,

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