Residential Successes Rolling Into the Summer Season

Good morning to the season of Summer fun and travel.

Low gas prices are sure nice and much appreciated. Much like our interest rates – going up a little, then down little, but staying low.

Recently, a great Realtor partner called, offering a tough challenge, one thought impossible. Earlier Steve and Heidi were considering a new home, within a very specific school district. Life became busy for them and the issue seemed tabled.

But as you guessed, there was the unexpected call. They found the perfect home and timing was ASAP! After some fast work and a good conversation with the listing agent, we were able to assure the sellers of the high quality of our client’s finances. Knowing the loan was in process and our good reputation, the offer was signed and the closing process is complete.

We love it when all parties are on the same page. It is our goal and first priority.

But in this case, it was not easy. In the suddenness of the opportunity, there was not time to properly liquidate their existing portfolio nor sell their existing home. What a great challenge, but we met it! The solution was a rare lending program of ours, one few others know or have access to. It allowed us to use the old home and the new home as collateral, with no money out of pocket.

It is a beautiful loan, fixed for 5 years, with interest rates in the low 3’s. A perfect fit for them and the situation. Even better, after selling the old home, they will be able to reduce the new monthly payment by paying down the new loan – and at no cost. Best of all, the kids are happy about newly painted bedrooms. Excellent.

What is better than when the seemingly impossible, becomes possible.

Optimal solutions, whether standard or unique, is our specialty. We pride in finding YES, when others say no, even if one’s credit is not perfect. Steve and Heidi are all smiles and we would like to bring a smile to you.

Give us a call. We are available and ready to build a successful loan packet for you, your friends or co-workers. We believe in home ownership and our proven track record, regardless where you live, what you want to own, or how soon you need to act.

We remain gratefully yours and here’s hoping you have a fabulous July.

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