Residential Successes Rolling Through May

Wow! Summer enthusiasm continues. Though a slight bump in rates, financing /refinancing remains strong and the phone keeps singing. Thank you.

Opportunity always wins over rates.

This month successes show the range of possibilities. Our friend, Barry needed a larger home for his growing clan. Being a lover of condominium living, we helped him buy with 100% financing. The best news: He is a veteran and we closed on time. It is good to serve those who serve us.

On the other side of life, a client-friend introduced me to Harry. His loan request had just received a No! After the referral, we met and quickly identified the confusion. The outcome: A successful YES!

Meeting challenges with successful solutions.

We are proud of our skills to bring success to those facing challenges. We especially love it, when people and families are able to move forward.

Looking for solutions when others say no? Give us a call. We have the needed experience and skills of success, to bring safe solutions to our clients.

Join us and become your own success story.

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