Springtime Good, Bad n Ugly. March 2016

Good morning and welcome to Daylight Savings time;

We are finding mortgage rates very favorable for the Spring home buying season. And if you have not refinanced – Be Sure to Call. Add to this new lender programs far less restrictive for buyers. The demand for housing should be very interesting.

This is great news, especially with continuing lower gas prices and a Federal Reserve walking quietly and talking less.

Recently I received severals calls from potential new buyers. They wonder what they can do to qualify and if there are loan programs to fit their needs. The good news: They found our “conversation-to-success” approach very helpful and were thankful for our collaborative approach to finding solutions. We learn by listening.

The purpose of our discussions is to grasp the full picture, diagnose the strength and weakness of our clients, and help them understand the small details of home ownership. From here, we proceed to options and alternatives, even if it means going where the “big boys” say no. Too much time, effort, and extra work.

This is not our approach. We have lenders ready to lend and we are willing to do the homework necessary. So whether a straight-forward loan or a more creative solution, give us a call. We are ready to help, trusting your ability to say: Yes, No, or Maybe.

Good, Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: Regional job growth, infrastructure improvements (slow, yet thankfully better), job stability. Let always embrace progress. With this, the Bay Area has limited land challenged by growth, reputable colleges, center for technological innovation, and home to major international companies. And let’s not forget the weather.

The Bad: Government bodies perpetually spending, leaving adrift major social challenges particularly when the good times stop rolling. There is always one more social need, one more problem to be solve, but we need to gain the discipline of standing firm and being fiscally sound, during all seasons. Not spend willi-nilly, but based in risk-reward thinking.

The Ugly: The high cost of lost opportunities when a “one-size-fits-all approach” becomes the answer to social “blight”. This leaves more and more people with limited economic viability and little chance of a new opportunity. Add to this the fact that half the population is living in rentals, with limited resources. Outcome: ugly, getting uglier.

At the end of the day, our role is to help you better define your long-term goals and find the best tools to achieve them, while recognizing the untold benefits of 4% interest rates. It can add many thousands of dollars to the family balance sheets.

Give us a call and let’s see if we can help you achieve this kind of success.

Have a fabulous day and we look forward to your call.

Gratefully yours,

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