Springtime Increase in Commercial Lending. Successes for March

Good Morning to Spring 2015,

As you read and consider Bay Area real estate, one thing seems obvious: Bay Area commercial markets are on fire.

Here are few stats to consider:
* 14 Quarters of increased office occupancy,
* Growth in the manufacturing gains momentum as investments in Off-shoring countries, returns home,
* Estimates are this shift back to America, will represent a significant percentage of future real growth,

Q: What are our recent successes?
Commercial credit to facilitate recapitalization, build-outs, and purchases. This even includes property with “rough” histories, in need of a working capital loan, with good rates and term. Hallmark to our client’s success – The first conversation.

Here we develop the best starting point. Here we explore client needs and the strong points of the investment, as well as limiting factors. With this, we find lender(s) who best fit your needs.

Everybody wins. But best – you win.

Let us know who comes mind when you read this. There are many growing business, seeking to become more. And we can help.
It is what we do best.

We remain, Gratefully yours,

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