Springtime Residential Loans Continue to Succeed

Good morning to the sounds of Spring,

4-years running, we continue to be delighted in rents and values rising near 10% a year. Truly, Santa Clara is a good place for residential ownership. Yet such does not guarantee tomorrow. Thus careful caution remains a good thing, as unexpected events and outside occurrences can interrupt any party. However, the reality of a “short supply” will continue. Why? We have yet to fully digest the prior housing-bubble and many homes remain underwater.

Giving the Seller the confidence to say Yes, the first time.

This past month, the unexpected continues for our clients. Two went into contract on the very first home they made an offer. It happens, but when your client is well-prepared with a solid grasp of lender-needs, success weighs heavily in their favor. This makes for a complete, direct, and strong offer. This gives the seller the needed confidence to say YES, with no wait. This is what we call success.

As the market battles price and supply, rates remain low.

As the market continues to battle over prices and supply, as it does, their remains one bright spot, good for both buyer and seller – continued low interest rates. Add to this more favorable down-payments, plus loan qualifications becoming clean and more realistic, and you have more people able to qualify. It’s about time.

Even more, we are thorough in knowing our clients are disciplined in both the joys and responsibilities of homeownership. A secure future is a must.

We provide the strategies for a successful today and tomorrow. Give a call, we love the conversations and your successes is what we do best.

Gratefully yours,

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