Upcoming Commercial Surprises and How to Become a Success

This month, let’s take a different viewpoint about our commercial market. The issue: The due date for 10-years balloon loans are fast approaching and now is the time to act. Over the next three years, a “very” large number of such loans will be due and payable. This includes apartments as well.

Have a 10-year balloon note, please give us a call today.

10-year balloon loans were quite prevalent in the ‘go-go’ years. The good news: They were payable as if a 30-year loan. The hook: They have to be paid, in full, in 10 years. The bad news: This ten-year window is closing.

You might think lending institutions would give their successful clients a break. That they might simply re-set these old loans at today’s current rates. This is a clean approach with few headaches. Sadly, our markets have yet to find a way to implement this common sense solution. I will keep asking.

The window is closing. Please act today.

Our reality: You can pay the loan in full or we can begin the “refinance” anew – while rates are low. The good news is you already have solid data and a track record for success. Now it is a question of timing and working with a qualified professional capable of putting a high-quality loan package on the lender’s desk. These are key to keeping your business running smoothly and uninterrupted. Call us, this is what we do.

Success begins with a high-quality loan package.

Rates are good and lender confidence is high. We are ready, today, to help you or someone you know. The clock is ticking and it is time to begin.

Have a fabulous day and keep the calls rolling in. We love them.

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