Your August 2021 Letter From My Heart. With the Good Bad n’ Ugly

Good morning to Summer Travels, 

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NOTEAnything posted – since July 8 – is NOT of me. A lesson learned: Trust is more important than a Facebook page.

Untold stories – New Expectations 

Expected News: Tracking deaths, even after vaccine.  Justified or more gamesmanship?

Still an ongoing top-of-page story. Scattered, disconnected numbers all over the place. And then there is the knee jerk reactions to it all. This is true for CoVid numbers and reaction to negative side-effects of the vaccines. Key: Let us stay calm and be at peace. Search out numbers and facts that are relevant and worthy of conversation. But above all else, never stop caring. No one wants anyone harmed, but worse is when people stop caring. So for those promoting a complete shut down, for whatever motive, stop and look to see the psychological harm done. It may exceed actual CoVid numbers. Let us move forward and be evermore aware of staying home, if sick. And to your family and neighbor, offer joy and a warm smile. 

The Bottom Line: Interest Rates Improving

Yes, indeed. The response to CoVid – in other countries – does affect our markets. And their poor or limited ability to respond has benefited us. New money is flowing into our markets as a safe haven. And what do you get when you add this to a Federal Reserve continuing to buy? Great rates. Don’t miss out. How long will this last? Don’t know. But, please don’t wait. It is very rare. CALL!

Bay Area Buyer Alert:

Caution and care are good words of common sense. As companies re-open, as commercial office construction continues un-abated, let’s hope common sense will guide us as we strive to put the fears of CoVid behind us. The numbers say masks helped reduced the spreading of the common cold and flu, because we didn’t have a flu season.. Isn’t that interesting?  Key: Be honest about yourself and your health and risks for respiratory illness.

For myself, seeing friends at the office and having the chance to share stories, was a true blessing, one I better appreciate. It is nice to have an active Summer, to see kids and watch them play. What a joy to eat out, go to concerts and go to the movies. 

Current market is good news for Sellers: Current price appreciation is above norms. And as expected, headlines again spend precious time with bubble talk. But wait.. there’s more. Recent headlines about the housing market suggest: “Cooling Off”. Further the story suggests that ‘only‘ 65 % of the transactions have multiple offers, off from 75 %. I don’t know about you. This is like being in Phoenix. Yesterday it was 110 degrees, and has ‘cooled off’ to 105.

How Best to Be Ready: Be well prepared – Be ready early – Even today. It lets the Seller know your committed and ready. “Cash buying” is nice, but most Sellers prefer the hands on experience of the more traditional Home Buyer. Homes are part of the American dream.

Being ready today, with a strong loan application in hand.

It strengthens your Realtor’s efforts in selling you and being sure 

your offer becomes the winning offer. Being best prepared is sound advice. 

Bottom Line:

Call today and let’s prepare for some Summer Buying Fun, now.

The Good, the Bad n the Ugly

THE GOOD: Interest Rates easing down, as money seeks a new home, here. World’s CoVid shutdown has not helped. And now, new calls for shutdowns, due CoVid D variants. Ms. Yellen suggests current inflation is transitory for up to 7 months. So either, supply-side – new economic growth – will satisfy pent -up demand, set free, or major deflationary pressures will build. 

THE BAD: Where are the job applicants? One of my companies needs to hire, with the understanding the applicant may need in-house training to be qualified. Wow. My question, with so many supposedly seeking work and so many job openings, where is the disconnect? It seems as if people missed last Summer, and will not miss another, trusting their job will be there in the Fall, after schools re-open. I am not sure the politicians care to listen. 

THE UGLY: Then there is the housing market. What a ride. Like many, for years I have bemoaned the lack of building in the greater Bay Area. It is coming home to roost. To own a home for the bottom 50 % of the population, is a NO!!!!

This is at the feet of the officials we elect and re-elect. Many excuse it as an issue of “Not in My Back Yard”. At the same time, our elected officials refuse to direct the Building and Permits Departments to be open, to be workable, and stop increasing fees just to raise fees. They know these are direct costs to the builder and higher prices to homebuyers. Yet they seem not to actually care or be sensitive to the very Home Buyers they claim to helping. Be accountable !!!

In short, if we don’t change our pattern of voting – last 50 years – what is bad today, will only get worse. Let’s all work on it. Let’s hold their feet to the fire. We deserve better. 

As much as we all enjoy these many years of appreciation, it is the actual application of the “building and permit policy” process hurting the next generation and their chances to get ahead. It may be time to better share the wealth. How? First, simply follow existing rules, which alone, would incentivize growth. Next stop unnecessary fees that delay and raise prices. 

planning and preparation This year

Consider Proposition 19 and its impacts on your budget. Consider the expectation of increasing taxes on Capital Gains tax. Together, this become a “planning must”, especially if in a higher tax bracket.  Few understand Prop 19. It is a tax on owning real estate or how it effects you, when you sell your home. Time to learn about the benefits of tax-deferral? Call.

Together we can discuss beneficial changes to your estate planning. We can discuss 

the benefits of off-setting and deferring Capital Gains tax – both State and Fed. 

Good News: We have good tools and many options to minimize – even avoid – paying tax on your appreciated properties – this year or in the immediate future. There is even a golden handshake – built into the real estate tax code. This benefit is not available to stocks. With stocks, you must pay taxes the year you sell. With real estate, we have options and choices. Call us, we would love to share this conversation and opportunity with you. Call today. 

A Bit On What We Do – today or tomorrow – call us.

We help you explore the many options and see which are safe and feasible for you. Building wealth for a more secure future for you and your family. 

For Small Business – whom we love – we provide loans offering a full array of financing.

Residential and Commercial – with a full package of lending options.

Tax-deferral, I continue to be amazed. For years we are recommended to get second opinions for major health items.. But when the choice is to write a check to Uncle Sam for $ 2M.. sometimes our clients will take the advice of ‘experienced’ experts who have not done anything new for decades.. Using their time working to advise giving up hundreds of thousands of dollars.. Why – Fear. Fear to learn a new strategy. Fear to admit there might be something they are not familiar with. Fear of losing a client because of the same.

How do you tell someone they are poorly advised ?? Sigh. But, for those seeking tax-advantages, utilizing their current real estate and business holdings, we can help. We are proud to offer several proven tools and alternatives, designed especially for highly appreciated holdings. Helping you keep your cash working for your future. With qualified and knowledgable professionals to assist you.

Retirement: Like myself, as we age, real estate becomes ever more personal. If true for you, let’s talk. Together, we can help find answers and solutions to questions about our, too soon, tomorrow – today. We can address a range of questions, from working at home, to a multitude of retirement options. We can bring clarity to important real estate planning issues.

Our Goal:

Be insightful and practical. 

Working with you, to find best answers and solutions. 

No short cuts. 

Success begins with strong preparation and with me, your professional. I know the ropes and am I proven advocate. I have the needed insight and experience needed for success. And I do love my clients to be successful. Call us. We are the professional team who stands with you. Call us. We are ready. 

Thank you and continued blessings.