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Our post CoVid, up and down, ‘Muddle Through‘ economic recovery, continues. Fortunately for us, local building continues strong.  Good News: The spirit of Small Business has proven itself. It adapts and does not quit. It has brought about some moving, consolidation, and a re-prioritizing of efforts. They show a willingness to prepare, adapt, and press forward. And this for the lasting benefit of their Small Business, their employees, families, and our economy. American greatness on display. 

As with all good challenges, most are dynamic and often best understood on-the-job, day by day. Consider how to best blend the remote work place with actual office time. How about adjusting for wage pressures hoping not to raise prices. How about productivity challenges when more people are leaving the work place, than entering. How about controlling inventory with severe supply chain challenges, whether overseas, air transport, or docking issues at major sea ports. 

The beauty of America is our entrepreneurial spirit and its willingness to adjust, improve and innovate, even sacrifice. This will prove true again, even in difficult times when markets are not easily predictable. Small Business is far more than numbers and what can be analyzed by economic models. 

As one considers year-end portfolio adjustments, one may ask; Should I reallocate my existing real estate holdings, to better utilize the value of my holdings? And if so, what are the obstacles? Most often it becomes question of taxation on the capital appreciation. Good NewsWe can demonstrate, to you, a way to transfer assets, while at the same, deferring taxes on highly appreciated property. One tool is an IRS-approved 1031 tax deferred exchange. It is a proven tool. But is it worth the extra time and carefully planning? When we meet, you can see for yourself why it is time well invested. More Good News: This one of several such strategies. Let’t talk today and best prepare for tomorrow.

Call with questions, as these challenging times require patience and good preparation. 

Call to Action – Bad News and Good News

The Bad News:

Inflation and Fed tapering. Both are with us and current to today’s conversation. Both need to be carefully watched, but both need to be balanced with a broader view and perspective of working market conditions. It is key to careful planning, to looking ahead, and anticipating possible outcomes. For some, the greater virtue and reward is patience. For others, it maybe moving forward aggressively. Yet either way, it is good to establish an existing base of important data and review of ones own perspective. Let’s start this initial step today and take control of the Bad News. Let’s talk. 

The Good News:

We have helpful tools for an intelligent conversation, one focusing on workable options and real-time solutions. And what is the first-priority? Building a successful investment strategy that offers a stronger tomorrow. One key: Increasing rents and decreasing vacancies. Herein, we bring a detailed review of month-by-month rent rolls, with bottom line, cash-flow statements. This brings clarity to the goal of a brighter tomorrow and stronger P&L’s. This makes the Lender smile.

Suggestion: In these uncertain times, look for more “Bridge-lending” this year – and next. It is a great lending option, when traditional commercial underwriting falls short.  Let’s Talk Now.

SBA LENDING: Full Steam Ahead

1) SBA lending continues full steam, 2) Refinance window has re-opened, and 3) some rates on buildings, starting in the 2’s % !!

Call Today! – Don’t Delay!

Suggestion: Do all you can for your local Small Business.

One cannot repeat this enough. WE need them.

Market News

Inflation: It appears to more than transitory .. for the time being. Yet, so much is how we understand the numbers, otherwise simply published as headline news. CoVid brought a depression of prices and the now we live in period of pent-up demand and restoration of personal freedom. This time next year, I believe we will have a better, more balanced perspective. Pressures of the coming 2022 election will play a role, with both sides of the discussion, becoming better known.  And this is Good News. 

Economy: Great News Comparing current, inflation-adjusted, US purchases of services, to January of 2019, we have recovered,. The problem: purchases of goods remain up by almost 20%! It is clear, for now, the US economy is not suffering from stagflation. Rather, we are seeing strong growth bumping up against supply constraints. These constraints are exacerbated by a worker shortage, supply-chain issues, and productivity concerns. This has led to sharp price increases.  Key: Watch interest rates.

Commercial Refinances: Over the past year, Office Vacancies are holding flat. This after a vacancy jump to 13 – 15%, due to governmental response to CoVid.  Good News: We are seeing signs of financial recovery in this sector, regardlessCoVid weakening P&L’s.  More Good News: Lenders are still financing and funding projects. Kicker: They are more diligent in the quality and detail of the paperwork. Here is where I can help. Let’s talk. Let’s start the “prep” work today. 

Bottom Line: These Great Rates are Key for Continued Sound Investing. These low rates offer unique opportunities to: 1) Secure solid financing, 2) Modify one’s commercial investment portfolio, even an exchange to defer taxes, 3) Strengthen the balance sheet, and 4) Increase net cash. 

If you are ready, then let’s get going. Let’s talk today.

We know the paper work, the process, and how they think

Projects in the Works:

 Franchise Financing: For new people entering into new markets with proven franchises, we provide financing. It is available. This is the beauty of SBA-Financing and right up their alley.

 Business Sales: Again, right up the SBA financing alley. For Clients retiring and selling a successful enterprise, to new owners, we can provide financing through the SBA.

 On-Edge Financing: Good News. We are a proven source of funding for what is often labeled ‘on-the-edge’ financing. This includes: Gas Stations, construction companies, and even commercial condo’s and a smattering of small apartment buildings. For sure, it is a team game. First, we have lenders with an “on-going-work” approach to lending. Second, it takes wonderful clients ready to work and meet the challenges. And third, you have our professional expertise to help achieve what you seek, and deals get closed. First Step – Let’s talk. Good things from good preparation. Call today.


As a broker: WE provide a needed ray of hope, in uncertain times. For our commercial clients: WE provide a straightforward, careful review of available lenders, with a full range of lending options. If you are ready, they are ready. Together we can make your investment dreams happen. It is an excellent pathway to success – uniting a strong, solid loan application, with interest rates unbelievably low. We are proven, with quality lenders ready to lend. Call today. 


Trust the value and peace of getting your loan done – right.

Many blessings for family and friends.