Your March 2022 Residential Lending News and Successes

Good morning to Springtime and Spring Rains, please!

Home sales are healthy – Home refi’s responding to rates – Don’t Wait

The Good News: Confidence in Real Estate remains steadfast and Spring is here, now.

Real estate markets are in a frenzy. Call today. Let’s prepare for the fun – its key.

Recent News

– Jobs Report: Came in strong, with the wage component flat. Wages are a key piece of the inflation question, with many knowledgeable in this area, scratching their head’s. Good News: Steady mortgage rates help Buyers – and its Spring time. 

– Many metrics show improvement as Spring arrives. Increased construction spending and increasing Purchasing Managers Index, both indicate growth – economic stability. 

– Federal Reserve: We wait for this months meeting, with too many variables to out guess the Fed. They want to move, looking for the excuse, but Ukraine may control the day.

Information and Helpful Insights 

Market News, Successes, And How We Can Help 

Points of interest:

  • Cost of launching a rocket: In the 1960s, NASA spent $6,000/kg to launch a spacecraft into orbit. It cost the Soviets near $8,000. Through 2005, no reduction in prices was observed. Good News: Since then, prices have plummeted. The SpaceX Falcon 9 nows cost $2,500/kg, the Falcon Heavy $1,600/kg, with the Starship expected to reduce the price to $200/kg! A race to space has room to accelerate!
  • Interest Rates: Reaction to Ukraine is driving money to America. Result: Our rates are lower. The bad news in the world if often good news for interest rates.
    • Conventional loans: Tracking mid 3’s. Cash-out refinance and investor loans run a bit higher. 
    • VA rates and FHA ratesIf a Vet? Call today.  Fixed rates low 3’s. Plus Veterans refi special: 1) Refi from conventional loan into a VA loan, and 2) Rate-reduction refi’s have NO income, NO asset documentation.  NEW rule for Veterans, even a 1 % service related disability = NO VA funding fee !
  • Jumbo: Yes to: Self-employed, Yes to: 80/10/10. Or, bigger down payment and no income / no employment documentation. Call. Let’s make it happen, today.
  • Underwriting: Purchases – first priority of the underwriterTurn around time can be a quick couple of days. Amen. How about Refinance? Patience wins. Best to start today.

Key to SuccessStart the paperwork today. Let’s talk.

Success Stories

Keys to Success:

Why plan today – Verification upon verification is the new constant. With us, you are ahead of the financial game. Banks and lenders want zero risk and zero defaults, putting pressure on the shoulders of underwriters. The Good News: We know how to help them cross the T’s and dot the I’s. 

In this arena demanding details, we are most diligent. A bit crazy, but your success matters. 

Good News about Appraisals: Many of our clients are able to obtain appraisal waivers – a true client benefit. Why True? We know what it takes to make it happen!! One more for you. 

Retirement? Few of us have a silver bullet solution? Yet if we have built up significant equity in our homes, new doors of opportunity, open. It can become a welcome monthly gift that speaks to the many years of one’s disciplined and diligent use of money. Question: How best to use this is gift? Good News: We have the tools to address this opportunity and answer your questions. We would love to explore your options with you – working to together, as a team.

I look forward to your call. Call today. 

We have a team of experienced agents, covering a full range of specialties. Give a ring. 

Highlights of How We Serve You

1) Long-Term: Traditional financing.  The Good News: No age restriction.

2) Short-term: HELOC. A great tool with our markets rates so very low. Home Equity Lines of Credit can be a perfect for short-term ‘chunk cash’, plus the benefit of flexible repayment. 

2) Keeping One’s Home: Key is an interactive discussion. Here we can talk the benefits of keeping or selling, or the possibility upgrading the overall design of your home, to best fit any physical limitations? Is relocating geographically, of interest to you? What about Estate planning, or unpaid debts, or simply meeting monthly expenses? My job is to address your concerns with straight forward solutions. Let’s talk. This kind of call is worthy and valuable.

3) Reverse Mortgage: it can be a great way to reduce stress – especially the burden of the monthly home mortgage. It stops, with the added benefit of adding monthly income, each month. Call. Let us show you how it can work for you. 

The Good News: Rates Remain Awesome

– New Homes or Refinance – 

Self-employed: Times are tricky, but we are prepared to take up your challenge. Let’s talk and review your unique situation. We work with traditional type documentation, alternative ways to document income, and even no-income documented loans. We can lay out workable options and best possibilities. I do love and stand with Small Business. I respect those daring to be self-employed – the backbone of America. They speak to the living spirit of our free enterprise system. Let’s stand together. Call today. We are motivated.

Buying your next home: Two most helpful “tools”: 1) You use the existing home, as collateral for your new home!! And 2): How about not having your current payment on the current home, count against you, while settling into your new home. People need options and creative thinking. And with this, we have excellent tools to make them happen. Call today.

Renting, but wanting to Buy?

Pricing pressures do not just concern new home buyers, but so too, Renters. With property values accelerating, so to do rents. And this without the benefit of interest deductions. Let’s talk. The best long-term answer maybe to buy now, while mortgage rates remain excellent. Call today. Take full advantage of this great buying opportunity. 

Good News: We offer market-based tools comparing rents to the benefits of home ownership. We look beyond boiler plate, short-cuts numbers. We understand ‘affordability’ to be unique to each and every individual and family. Our focus is understanding you, asking pertinent questions, and helping guide your financial future. We appreciate the importance of “live-ability” as a high priority, when consider ‘how big a home can I afford.’ 

Finding answers and discovering options are the true rewards.

A Big, First Step Made Better

CALL ME – Your success is MY first priority.