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Our Goal:

Turning words, charts, and data into cash, assets, and wealth.

Our conversations and strategies bring my decades of experience and professionalism to your quiver. Our knowledge base is here to complement you – your dreams, hopes, and goals. Resulting in superior growth, smoother transactions, and less stress. So whether in your working years, preparing for retirement, or in your “asset draw-down” years, we make things better.

Key to success: It doesn’t happen in a vacuum. One needs the experience of a proven professional. Start preparing now – Call Mike.


Points of interest:

  • Economic Drivers: Will the Federal Reserve respond to the slowdown in hiring and increase in unemployment? Most votes are saying yes. Yet, is there more to this story? Be watchful of ever expanding Federal deficit and war in Ukraine. More later.
  • Government and Elections: The noise of elections, lawsuits and investigations are ratcheting up. Yes – Another election cycle is upon us. Important – yes! But as your real estate professional my goal is to see through the noise and filter out how an election may impact your buying, investing or divesting strategies. Elections do have outcomes.
    • Real Estate: Demand, Supply, and Cooling Inflation

Bay area market dynamics are far more interesting than the headlines. Question: Why does our real estate market remain warm and active? It is the result of building (not enough)– over the past 20+ years – not meeting demand. As a result of this imbalance between supply vs demand even interest rates of 7% have only slowed things. It is far from crashing, as many predicted.

Look no further than your local builder. They cannot build fast enough. Look no further than your own neighborhood. “For Sale” signs don’t stay up very long. This is the reality after we strip away all the noise and confusion. Like strong tech companies, our real estate keeps on going, as demand continues to outpace supply. Bottom Line: Start preparing now. Let’s talk.

  • Federal Reserve: Recession and Full Employment

Are we seeing a conflicted Federal Reserve? Their policy on inflation is tricky, filled with trade-offs. They worry about wage growth due to good employment numbers. Yet, inflation continues to exceed wage growth, savings decline, credit card debt near record highs. It is a true tight rope. The Good: England and the EU are talking of slowing down rate increases.

Yet there seems more than just a question of jobs. Employment numbers are slowing up, with job creations showing 2 months of decline. Cause to pause? Yes! But, the Fed Board seems unpersuaded. So what is not on the radar? Deficit spending and the Ukraine war. It is the common thread between the USA, England, and EU. I sense a smoke screen and continued battle over unreported international monetary policy. But, who knows? It is my take, for now.

Overall Market News

1) Overall Labor Market: Jobs numbers

BLS Jobs Report: Below expectations – only 187,000 jobs created. Further, past two months numbers were revised lower – 105,000 and 157,000 respectively.

For perspective: Year 2022 averaged 400,000 new jobs, per month. The last 12 months average 260,000. The last 6 months average 195,000, and the last 3, averaging 150,000.

Jobless Claims: Current thoughts about continued low initial filings for unemployment benefits: Employers are working to hold onto employees. Slow to hire and slow to fire.

Recent Residential Success Story:

Now Me to you:

Not all news is easy to hear. Yet key: How we choose to adapt to short-term realities. With real estate ownership is the need for landscaping, plumbing repairs and such. With it also the impact of changing interest rates and the up or down effect on future valuation. Consider if you might: Today’s market rates and increasing new construction, as owners hold out longer. Key: Higher interest rates will find balance with free-market dynamics. It is what makes for a changing real estate profile – but not always as predicated. It is why you need Mike Ryan.

Lets’s talk.

Buying Foreclosures? There will always be some. Yet nationwide, numbers continue decades long low’s. Good for homeowners. This does not mean things stop happening – death, divorce, job loss are all still alive and well. Perspective helps. Value increases of the past decade simply result in these planned or unplanned home sales. Key: they are done on the open market, often with money beyond the mortgage. Truly, a good sign of a dynamic market.

Price drops: Expectations for a significant price drops – in my opinion – will not happen any time soon. A steady comment from home and investment property owners over the decades: “We wish we had bought more sooner”. Thus my point: In buying real estate, yesterday is the best day to buy, today is the second best and tomorrow the third. If you are ready and able, let’s get it done. Call me, I love to talk details and dreams. Goal: enhance your decision.

Good News: The Breadth of Our Lending Possibilities:

We have the best financing options the market offers. Consider: 1) Veterans, 2) 1st time homebuyers with some fabulous brand new programs, 3) self – employed, and 4) investors with and without traditional income sources. Good News: The well prepared borrower. The lending world, being cautious with its money, loves the well prepared. Moreover, our lenders offer more options than pre Co-Vid. Call. Lets talk before you buy. Let’s talk today.

Our Focus: Market Disciplines – Now More than Ever

Do you have a desire to create ‘more’ wealth for tomorrow? How?

What we advocate, teach, recommend and do. As you read this next section, who comes to mind that lives below their means and believes in setting aside a bit today for more options in the future. Please introduce them to have a fabulous conversation about the potentials. It all starts with conversation.

The game-plan in a nutshell:

Rule # 1: Sacrificing today.

Live below your means. Not as easy as the words suggest, yet it can be accomplished. Spend less for your daily living than you bring in.

Rule # 2: Investing – Equities. I strongly suggest and recommend one maxes out on the retirement account contributions – each year. This deferred income, with tax benefits, builds for future years. Many such plans are offered, with many employer matching contributions. A great perk. Don’t leave it on the table, always being aware of how it’s invested. For many, a great way to keep your money working for you.

Rule # 3: Investing – Real Estate. Yes, yes and yes. Yes today. Yes yesterday. Yes tomorrow. This is another method to put money aside and build, while adding diversity. If your focus is to build for tomorrow, now is the time to talk and prepare.

Divesting Assets: There are times in life where one needs to sell an investment, due to life’s uncertainties. It brings home the need for a carefully review of one’s investment inventory and see if they remain on-track to achieving the intended goals.

Good News: We not only set a plan in motion, we present the handling of the unexpected, or address the significant issues of capital gains. More Good News: We have IRS approved tools and techniques to help keep your hard earned capital gains working for you – to keep them away from the taxman – federal and state – on a deferred basis. Such is the beauty of working with Mike Ryan and Associates. We are just a call away. Planning amongst friends.

Preparing to buying your next home: How about a “tool” that uses your old property, as collateral for the new home? How about tools whereby the current, “old” home payment, does not count against you, as you moved into the new. Want More Options: Call today.

Truly, our letters but scratch the surface of available options, alternatives, and potentials. We are ready and experienced in most every stage of life, to directly help you build a strong investment portfolio – regardless life’s ebb and flow. It is why a key approach to serving you, is to work with your unique view of life – today and tomorrow.

Because You Matter

Our letters are a guidepost to wisely buying, selling, or investing. We understand the importance of being patient and of good timing. Our hope is to address your questions and find real life, customized solutions. It is what I love about my work, especially the people-to-people exchange of thoughts and ideas. It proves the best way to discovery and address your needs and unique viewpoint. To this, we then add our complete set of helpful tools designed to complement the shared goal – your success, today and tomorrow. We are here for you.

Your dreams matter. Thank you for your trust and referrals. It is appreciated.

Call me – Your success is my success.

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