2% Interest Rates – Are They Here? With your June Good Bad n Ugly News

Good morning to great news – Rates below 3%, into 2%‘s;

Our world is in a state of flux, with personal yard signs our way of congratulationing 2020 grads. Yet the silver lining are interest rates never thought possible, just a few months ago. However, as the medical profession moves quickly to find a cure, a cure may trigger a move up in our rates. May I suggest: Act now – this day. Take full advantage of lowering your interest rate and saving significant dollars over the next many years. I offer this as friend and professional.

The Good News:

3 % interest rates, with some starting with a 2% !! Have a mortgage under $ 765,000, we are ready, willing, and able – and so is the market. More good news: “Property Inspection Waivers” are possible when the LTV is low – high equity in your home. Our government is loosening, a bit.

I have received complaints of Lenders cranking up the nuisance calls, dialing and cold-calling for your business. That is not our approach. We offer a quieter, professional manner, trusting you, once you have the important facts and critical numbers. Give a call, text, email. Our conversations target a make-sense solution.

Good New: We are and remain available to you by phone. We continue to bring our special talents – well-tuned experience and focused training – to our every discussion. Working closely with you, our sessions are both helpful and informative. We are here for you.

Excellent Rates – So prepare today, for your better tomorrow. Call Now!

Housing: Appreciation: Low supply + increasing demand = even more appreciation. This is the fundamental driver in our local pricing. As expected, sales have dropped, but not stopped. Even better prices do not appear to have fallen off a cliff.

Current home owner? Fantastic! Let’s talk. Now maybe “that” good time you have been awaiting. Interest rates are great and with current market fears, this is a great window of opportunity. My suggestion – let’s talk now and then work together, on-line. We are here.

Still renting? With todays’ improved mortgage rates – let’s see how much more home your downpayment can buy. Let’s see why buying maybe better than renting. The old rules seldom apply today. Let’s discuss the ‘other side of the coin’ – home ownership – then you decide. The one constant: Preparation is key to success. We do have an active market, and contracts are being placed every day. Call today.

If you agree, we can begin to lay out the many differing strategies, until we find the one best for you. We offer an excellent, step-by-step approach, so you feel confident you are making the best decision. Best of all: It’s free. And with our assistance, we can make buying your new home, a simple, straightforward process.

Spring Buying Season

With improving rates and a resilient economy, now maybe the best time to prepare for Springtime buying. Good News: We are ready to help. We have working arrangements with the very best of the major lenders – Chase Bank, TIAA, Union Bank and many, many more. Chase is a best source” for Jumbo loans, especially the well-qualified and prepared Buyers. Best of all, they love to compete for your business – price, quality, and service. Let’s talk. We can do work on the phone or on-line.

We do have lower down payment options. In many ways the financing market is not broken. What does the market answer you? Give a call, it only takes a few mintues to determine todays answer for you.

We are ready today, to provide you a strong loan, best in price and service. Call us today.

Our real estate friends suggest this can be the difference maker. Let’s talk.

Is this your Time to Buy or Refinance?

We will show you how and why, now is the time to make this dream happen.

Call Mike –

Helpful News:

Facts are the best counter to “fake fears” about a recession. It overcomes misguided distortions and brings a helpful reality to what matters to you.

  • Economy: We are entering this period with expectations of an economy returning to semi-normal. Business liquidity is being aided by strong policies – Fed Reserve and DC. This should help dampen current risks. The unknown: How long the shelter-in-place will continue, may result in unintended consequences that could be harmful, long term.
  • Monetary policy: In a nutshell, the Federal Reserve, US Treasury, and D.C. polices will likely cause the 10-year T-Bill and 30-year mortgage rates to continue at these very low rates, possible through the Summer. We will keep a close watch on EU growth and interest, as we approach Fall. I wonder how 2020 elections may effect rates?
  • Trade talks: With specific focus on the C-virus, there seems less desire for active workings, conference calls, or video. Considering the amount of work already completed, let’s hope the virus does not unwind the good that has been accomplished.
  • Oil Prices: If very low oil and gasoline prices continue, it will be a welcomed offset to the negatives of the corona-virus and help speed up a recovering economy and jobs.


1) We also provide loans – new and refinance – for Small Business and Commercial. This may prove most helpful near-term and longer term. 2) Plus: We offer specialized tax-advantaged alternatives, when selling highly appreciated real estate. We are proud to ask: Why pay Capital Gains taxes now? Why deplete your cash, when unnecessary? 3) We also provide strategies to help keep you in your home, providing more options than just a Reverse Mortgage.

Call today and let’s prepare for your tomorrow – Now.

The Good, the Bad, n the Ugly

The Good: Federal Government working together

The Federal Reserve, DC politicians, and the President working together. Along with the Federal Reserve jumping into the solution, in a second round of PPP – Payroll Protection Program. A good way to help keep people earning paychecks, and putting a check on the unemployment lines. Now to keep them attentive and in unity to the same outcome.

The Bad: Ugly hat of political agendas

How about some media claims that ‘we should be doing like Germany’, or that ‘we are not doing enough’. Quite a bogus comparison, with a straight forward comparison to make the point: Germany has lower labor participation rates, additionally Germany has only 1/4 our population and 5 % the land size. You cannot turn apples into oranges, nor call one the other.

The Ugly: Arrogance of media and their experts at nothing

When what we need, is to find common ground, as to the direct and indirect effects of this virus scare, we find a media – and their experts – preferring to focus on the irrelevant and petty. Our priority should be serving all America, across the entire gambit, with the facts and perspective needed to make wise choices. Let’s stop burying truths by distractions, distortions, and lies – if we want and prefer healthy discussions, about our pathway to recovery.

Springtime Buying

Normal or a Season of Surprises ?

Good News: Ahh, back to some sunshine, warmer weather, and positive thinking:

There are Buyers ready to buy and Sellers ready to sell. This, even though the virus brings its own unique styles of interaction. The question: Is now a time of opportunity? The answer is YES. Especially if one: 1) seeks a good quality home, 2) an excellent low interest rate, 3) has professionals working for them – keeping them safe, and 4) strong lenders with the loan program best fit for you – your needs and timetable. This is the most bang for your dollar.

With the rapid changes in our market – home availability and pricing – lets talk. This is no time for short cuts and wishful thinking. We have many tools to evaluate the current-day situation – home prices, loan programs, lender options, capital gains deferral, Small Business, or refinance. We are but a phone call away. Let’s talk today.

Every month I hear about people paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to Uncle Sam and their local State. Such sad outcomes result from a potential client, acting before knowing or having the support professionals – tax and legal – able to help keep most, if not all, of one’s capital gains, working for them. We are here to introduce you a team of trustworthy pros who know the IRS approved tools and have the innovative skills to serve your particulars. They know how to avoid associated pitfalls and the traps. Let’s talk. It is your bottom line – after tax.

Closing Thoughts:

We are the financing arm to help leverage your strengths with assets and accumulate long-term wealth. We offer needed information – perspective and plausible financial solutions – with strong lenders ready to say “Yes”. Give us a call. If you are interested in this kind of outcome, let’s start building your future, today.

Thank you and continued blessings.

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