April 2019 Commercial Lending Successes and News

Good morning to Springtime,

Commercial Lending
Small Business and Investor Side of Our Business

1)  Interest rates:  Good news: Rates continue investor friendly.  Current expectations are     for rates to hold steady for quite some time.
2)  Income Taxes:  Good news: According to H&R Block, 1) Americans paid 25 percent  less in taxes – on average – in 2018 and 2) we kept more of our money in each paycheck. 
3)  Commercial:  Forget the headlines. Both “Imports and Exports” continue very steady.
4)  Government:  Check out our monthly The Good, Bad n' Ugly at the beginning of each month. 

Outcome: Our commercial activity remains strong, yet lenders show concern about slowing growth in China and the EU. With steady rates, our markets are the best place to invest.

Call us. We are here ready help, today.

Success Stories

By the nature of their complexity, commercial loans typically take extra time to complete – even months. The Good news: Each week, we receive several inquiries – across a broad range of investments – seeking info about lender options, timetables, and how best to begin. These conversations help me prepare helpful answers and suggestions for our first meeting.

Some of the recent conversations:

N-N-N leases from Phoenix to Cincinnati,
Construction of Manufactured housing for multi-family property,
Retail repositioned property with financing to reset for long-term hold,
Recycling business property,
And the list goes on.  

Good News: Our lending tools turn your need into solutions. Call today – Time is money.

Be Aware: Often when a lender does well in specific niches of commercial property, they hold back loans, for a cycle. It is why we offer you more lending partners than most. If you hear a ‘sorry, not this time’ or no answer at all, call us. We love finding “Yes!” when others say No.

Call us. We stand for you.

Good news: Our commercial success continues building steam. We have good lending partners who are flexible, willing to listen, and able to offer new programs with great terms. It speaks to the wonderful reward of good team chemistry. They respect our work and trust us with referrals. They appreciate our approach and quality loan packages. In return, we are careful to help them maintain the integrity of their depository relationships. It works for all.

You have heard me say it before, it starts with our first conversation. Let’s talk today.

Many blessings for family and friends this Easter weekend.

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