August 2019 Commercial Lending Successes and News

Good morning to Summer Fun in full swing;

First and foremost – We are not in a recession, now or in the near future. The Good New: If you have loan that balloons in 2 – 4 years, let’s talk today. With money flowing into the strength of our US economy, lending rates scream – Refinance your ballon loan today. Don’t miss this opportunity. Call today and lets start the process of saving you money – while adding security – TODAY.

Good News: Fast-paced, appreciating market – the key to 2010 – 2015 – is not key to today’s success.

WOW, fearful politicians continue to fill the air with unfounded speculations. My take: The media is trying to drive us into a recession, for political gain only. The sky is not falling and the relevant data says just the opposite. Please, don’t let emotional, knee-jerk reactions keep you from investing.

Instead, let’s seek out relevant data to help keep cool heads, cool. This is the winning strategy. We call this the WIN Strategy – a path to financial safety, security, and long-term success.

Market News:

  • Rents and NOI: Both increasing. Translation: With our low cap rates, a simple increase in rents is bringing a 20 X, or more, growth in value. Today’s low rates help with this equation.
  • Commercial Resales: Property deal volume drops 1st Q 2019, although prices still appreciated just under 6 %.
  • Foreign Investment: US receives 20 % of all foreign investment in commercial property.  # 1 nation in the world. However, when you combine China with Hong Kong, they are recipients of 29 % of all foreign commercial property investment.
  • Federal Reserve: Attempted to be accommodative, but struck out. Instead of ½% cut as markets called for, only cut 1/4 %. A 1/2 % reduction would have stopped speculation and slightly softened the US dollar. Fed meeting in Jackson Hole this week, may give more insight.
  • Housing: Are there canaries in the coal mine? So far, no reason. NFIB sentiment index down ever so slightly, delinquency rates for home mortgages at lowest level in a couple of decades, appreciation still positive, and unemployment rates are is very positive. All still looking good.

Call us. We are here ready help, today.

Success Stories

Falling interest rates are making Small Businesses, Small Business Commercial opportunities, and Apartments far better investment opportunities. It is also a great time to add to the bottom line by refinancing existing loans, especially balloon loans. Get more for your dollar today.

One of our clients specializes in purchasing distressed commercial assets, then doing necessary work make the property marketable – clean and well-presented. What was once a darkened corner, in a local neighborhood, is now a fully occupied building. More Good News: We setting up permanent financing for the long-term hold. Excellent on all fronts..

Benefits to our investor – Improved cash flow, future rental increases, and control of major expenses. Truly a solid asset, added to a diversified portfolio.

Success that brings a strong financial future is what we love. If this is the success you seek, we can help – both you and your fellow investing friends. Good News: Our many lending partners are ready to write – today – traditional commercial loans,without surprises. Even more: Our lenders offer terms beyond the common 10-year term. Learn more – Call today.


Upfront planning, good preparation, and quality data. From here, we build a solid, strong loan request, one anticipating most lender question. Lenders did learned the importance of small details and the need to ask of questions. Good New: We know how they think and this is key to how my team will prove valuable to your success. Details we know – Let’s talk today.

New to Commercial Lending?

For those considering real estate investment, for the first time, please call. This first call is a great way to address concerns, questions, and possibilities. For starters, here a list of 5 basic types of investing – plus a “quick-start” plan.

Getting Started: Types of investor activities, keeping on eye on cash flow, timing, and profit:

1) Wholesale – ‘Time and Knowledge’ vs. Money

2) Flipping – Value Added

3) Rentals – Long-term Wealth accumulation

4) Lending – Source of Lending Money

5) Agent – Representation – choose wisely

Game Plan: Quick steps:

1) Commitment: Begin taking action on a plan – one based on numbers, less emotions.

2) Write a Plan – Define your keys of Success and what you want

3) Avoid Costly Mistakes – first seek experienced, qualified, proven associates

4) Coach, Mentor or Accountability Partner

5) Competitive Advantage – Resources, Talent, Partners, Personality, Risk

6) Do the Math and add a 10% – 15% margin of safety.

Over the years, I have written and lived this list. It is the benefit of my cumulative 30-years of time, expertise, and keeping your success, as the primary focus. You are my first priority.

You have heard me say it before:

It all starts with our first conversation.

Let’s talk today.

Many blessings for family and friends.

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