September 2019 Letter From my Heart

Good morning to Summer fun,

I Survived Real Estate – Nixon Library, September 27th

Join us and 450 of your best friends in the Real Estate Investment realm, on Friday, September 27, at the Nixon Library. You will gain real estate insights from some of the very best. Learn about our markets and investing opportunities, as well as what is going on in Washington DC.

Call quick. We have a few seats remaining at our table. A good time by all.

Great News:

Our steady and stable real estate market. It just doesn’t get any better. Yes, markets slow during the ‘August doldrums.’ Yet a proven buyer’s opportunity, for the astute and aware.

Ready to buy? Are you wondering if now is the right time? Best Answer: Call us today for a quick and painless review. We will review the pertinent facts, avoid the fictions, and set up a plan of what to do next. The Good News: The speculative days of 2017 have quieted. This is good for Buyers and Sellers. Far more homes are selling at or near the asking price, without the excess of multiple offers. This is what I call a sound and reasoned market. Call today.

Have a home already? Fantastic. With rates far better than expected – rates not seen since the lows of early 2018 – now is “that” good time to refinance, or get a credit line. What better way to complete your Summer projects, plan a family get away, consolidate debt, or simply reduce payment. CALL.

For those yet renting – but waiting – what better time. There are great advantages to knowing today what you can afford to purchase – as well as what loan program best fits your view of tomorrow. Plus its free. We offer an excellent, step-by-step approach to this very big step in your life. Best of all. We know how to make the process as simply as possible. Give us a call.

Keep in mind: A solid offer is well received by Sellers and often the difference maker. Our real estate friends agree. Set yourself apart. Call today.

Is this your Summer to Buy? Now is the time to call – Call Mike.

News We Can Use: Counter-Points to the fake news attempt to talk us into a recession. I write in hopes to end this misguided distortion of real facts. Truth, not fear, is our goal.

  • Our economy is strong, with no cause to speak of recession. Media is manipulating what they clearly do not want to understand. They bring terms like recession and yield curves, into the headlines, while understanding neither. They knowingly fail to discuss how EU and China policies are driving investors, worldwide, into American Treasuries – the safe and secure investment. These are NOT textbook times and they know it. As to motivation, you decide. Know this, when we have a meaningful “inverted” yield curve, we will talk in detail. For historically these inversions last weeks to months – before the clock to a recession begins to tick. Not a day or three flirting with inversion. Let the facts and truths set you free from such purposed paranoia and chaotic thinking.
  • How long an economic boom continues, does not dictate the next recession. I have talked often about how such cycles shifts are more about politics and small mindedness, than actual market conditions and situations. Our hope: To help you see the difference.
  • Real average GDP growth ‘stopped’ declining towards zero growth, after the election in 2016. Regardless all else, facts tell the story of how American politics – taxes and regulations – 2008 thru 2016, were the primary culprit to this decline. The strength of this discussion is based in relevant, critical, and well-respected numbers.
  • If there is recession fear, look to the ‘Politics of Spending’: Out of control entitlement spending and no debt ceiling, until after 2020 election – a gift of Congress and Senate. More money is pouring in – thanks to our strong economy – but instead of reducing debt, we keep finding more ways to spend. Special interest and lobbying dollars, along with a failure to set term limits, are the major stumbling block to an American way of life. One built upon the creative spirit of Small Business and free enterprise.
  • Until we hold our representatives feet to the fire, good legislation – one’s favoring the America worker and our middle class – will not pass. Good example is the new trade deal between the US, Mexico, and Canada – a boon for CA. The House takes vacations and does nothing. How about legislation to stop the stealing of intellectual rights, IT theft, dumping, or closed markets, etc. We pay them to represent us. It seems time they put us first.
  • Save the world, but not in my backyard, is the same confused logic that brings about the rapid rise in property values and rents, in times of economic expansion. You need more supply, not barriers to supply, if you want rents to be stable and affordable.

Bay Area Good News: The Bay Area continues adding net new jobs, contrary to one-sided news about the great California exodus. Our strength and resilience is amazing. Of particular interest: The largest “growth-group”, in renters is Seniors. They now far outpace the younger generations. How significant? The average age of renters, is now 52.


1) We provide loans for Small Business and Commercial. 2) Even more, we offer specialized tax-advantaged alternatives, when selling highly appreciated real estate. We are proud to say: Don’t pay Capital Gains taxes now, unless you want to deplete your cash. 3) We provide strategies to stay in your home longer, one solution being the Reverse Mortgage.

Bottom line:

Call today and let’s prepare for your tomorrow – Now.

The Good, the Bad, n the Ugly

The Good: An increased push to speed up the approval process for small projects – called ‘Over-the-Counter permits.’ It is coming. Some of our local cities are embracing the change.

The Bad:. There are rumblings of continued push back from cities, trying to stop growth, in the midst of economic growth. Would they prefer a recession? In Redwood City, they are looking to control new housing to a maximum of 2500 SF. An interesting attempt to provide for more affordable, smaller homes, to 1st time home-buyers. Will it work? Check back.

The Ugly: Back room politics. Recent push in Sunnyvale to remove the trees from the last Orchard. After 1,000 petitioners and dozens of speakers, all favoring the Orchard, spoke, City Council still voted to add one more computer museum to the list of many. Truly, an ugly choice. Forget the farmers and ranchers who built our cities when we can have the glory of fast money and Silicon.

Summer Buying – A Season of Excitement and Expectations

If you, your friends, or co-workers are looking to buy, give us a call. We would love to hear from you. It is advantageous to have a highly qualified and experienced loan officer, who puts our client’s success first – today and tomorrow. I want you to be a proud, successful home- owner and we are here to help you complete the sale.

Building trust in our partnership, is key and what makes us far more then, “Internet-only”. Moreover, hype is unable to offer you my 30 years of proven success and learned perspective, keeping you safe from unsuspecting hick-ups and expenses. Our commitment is you. Let us be your team member and advocate for you. Together, we can best explore all the options

Closing Thoughts:

We are the financing arm to help leverage your assets and accumulate long-term wealth. We offer needed information – perspective and plausible financial solutions – with strong lenders ready to say “Yes”. Give us a call. Let’s start building your future today.

Thank you and continued blessings.

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