August 2020 Commercial Lending News

Good morning to days of August warmth;

What to watch in 2020

Unintended Consequences and Outcomes –

Keep our Small Businesses in mind. They are America’s best friends. They have taken the brunt and harsh reality of a serious illness – that is not a serious death threat. And let’s not forget using our school-aged children, as if pawns. It is time to put family and people first.

At the same time, each of us – individually – needs to be sensitive to the concerns of others, as we await a vaccine. I have limited trust in political leadership – local, Statewide or National – to care for us first. For certain, the answer is not by reckless mandates – unless you support giving your personal rights to the dictates of the very few. I stand for the American spirit.

Sadly, Small Business and Commercial Lending are in the midst of this created storm. But we can help. We can go out to eat, to shop, and participate in life, While staying at home, if we are not at our most healthy. I don’t have all the answers, but common sense, good personal hygiene, and being aware of one’s own surroundings, seems a good place to start. Keep in mind, Home Depot, Costco, gas stations and more, are doing fine. So, let us continue to do what we are doing, even consider giving a gift or card to those you love. It is key.

The Good News: We the people – the unspoken, civil citizens – of America, have an answer to the “shut-down America, at all costs” narrative. We have the right to be heard, by voting in November. We are not powerless to act, so let’s see each other at the voting booth.

Stay Strong and be of Great Courage

Seeing beyond the headlines, there is real good news: Our saving rates are increasing, meaning more cash in the bank. Excellent. It also speaks to people taking full advantage of our very low interest rates – which adds even more cash in the account. Truly, extra cash is a great ally and a refinance is good way to consolidate debts and add cash – pay less and save more. Call!

Do all you canfor your local Small Business- I cannot say this often enough.

Unemployment rate: Indications are the worst is behind us. Key: Follow ‘continuing’ claims. They help show if re-openings are bringing needed healing. With this, all numbers show some improvement. Even the numbers of new people in the hospital – with CoVid – are down 20 %. Time and our caring practices of personal care, are working. Keep it up and stay vigilant.

Re-Openings: Slow and steady, with some larger employers continuing their “work-at-home” strategy. Downside: A reduction of ancillary staffing with janitorial, food, and other such services provided by contract. Let’s hope our loyal workers are rehired full-time, soon.

Home Refinances / Home Equity Loans: Quick note: The number of applications have increased and with these great rates, strong demand will continue. So please: Start planning today, as the process takes time, and these great rates won’t last forever. Let’s talk soon.

Act Now – Call today. Let’s lock in these rates.

Lower your payments and keep more cash in your pockets.

Interest rates scream – take action now. Please

Have a need to refinance a balloon loan, or seek to invest in residential property, or need a sounding board? Let’s talk first, before acting. It is a great opportunity to: refinance, modify your commercial portfolio, or strengthen one’s balance sheet. If ready, let’s start today. We can discuss the advantages of a tax-deferred exchange – how it financially strengthens the value of your investment portfolio. Give a ring or email. It’s a great time and we are ready today.

Small Business Lending – Keeping Doors Open – Call us.

Commercial lending is fraught with challenges, BUT it is not dead. While some commercial lending partners continue their holding pattern, not all of them. It helps explain why active lenders keep asking more detailed question as to: strength of rent collection, detailed due diligence of the property, and additional supporting documents. In these trying times, Lenders need more assurances of tomorrow. It makes good sense. Good news: I am ready and have the experienced knowledge, and training, to help you achieve what you need. Together, we can navigate troubled waters and bring the ship to victory – safe and secure.


As a broker, we provide a needed ray of hope, in these uncertain days. For our commercial client, we provide a straightforward and careful review of available lenders, and the full range of lending options. They are ready and we will get you ready. In this fast-shifting market, we are an excellent pathway to your success. We know how to put together the strong, solid loan application, needed for success. We are proven and ready, with lenders ready to lend – today.

Trust the Professional

Trust thetrue value and benefit of getting your loan done – right.

The virus will pass, yet what remains is our being aware of one’s neighbor, in love. Stay well.

Many blessings for family and friends.