September 2020 Letter From My Heart

Good morning to Great End of Summer News:

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Rates steady – many seeing 3%, even into the 2%’s.

Sit back with a cup of your favorite. This letter is good ride of good information.


Media marketing continues to reinforce fears of CoVid. However, we the People are saying it is time to get things moving and moving in positive ways. The Good News: 1) Death rates are declining, 2) severity of lasting suffering, is greatly easing, 3) far fewer actual Co-Vid cases, and best of all 4) number of actual cases in hospitals – down over 20 %.

Sadly, our media seems more interested in how to effect November elections. This by shutting down our economyand schools. Yet they fail to bring to our attention, the measurable effects on small business, individuals, families, and the needs and reasons for children to be in school. Keep in mind our Small Businesses are the very backbone of the America way of life. If we lose them, we lose this great nation. There is no excuse. Vote in November – we need each other.

Lending Rates – An Overview

In 1990, we were one of the first lenders offering loans below 10% and a loan with a 9.75 % rate, was considered a blessing, even a miracle. Blessing, yes, miracle, no.

Now we have loan rates – loan amounts under $ 510,000 – below 3% ! This even though there is a new 1/2 point adjustment fee, for new refinances. Refinance is a great benefit for us, but it is an extra and real cost to Lenders. In response, Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac agreed to this increase, as it seeks a more private market approach. Yes, the US Govt. did bail them out – as with auto, banks and insurance – but the ‘bailout’ has been repaid – over 4X ! What was the key problem – US House and Senate politics – not the private sector.

Some scream loud about this minimal fee. Yet what is needed is a stronger balance sheet and this is a good, necessary first step. This will benefit the lending industry by distancing itself from the sways of DC politics. We need to win this and let’s hope we do.

The Good News:

GREAT RATESwith some starting with a 2% !! We see Jumbo loans solidly in the lower to mid 3’s. More good news: “Property Inspection Waivers” are possible when the net equity in the home is high. Loosening of Loans regs – even a bit – is benefit for all. Call today.


New home sales: Continue very strong – most recent numbers exceeded all expectations. Permits: Up 9.4 % compared with last year. Starts up: Up 23.4 % from time last year. Bottom line: HUGE! Don’t underestimate the fearlessness of the American spirit.

How about Sellers?: They are in charge again. Again, Sellers are seeing “offers” over the asking price. Even more, Sellers are now asking for more than pre-qualifcation letters. Now they want and are receiving Pre-Approval letters. The Good News: We are skilled at both and we know how to expedient the process. It also makes clear, the absolute necessity of loan preparation, especially if you want a leg up on other Buyers. Let’s put time on your side. Call.

In the days of distancing, technology is a great friend – Electronic signatures, dropbox, even web-video. These give us ways to gather and move information, while keep everyone safer. We are here for you, in more and better ways. Give me a call.

Excellent Rates – So prepare today, for your better tomorrow. Call Now!

Current home owner? Fantastic! Let’s talk. Now maybe “that” good time you have been awaiting. Interest rates are great and with current market fears, this is a great window of opportunity. My suggestion – let’s talk now and then work together, on-line. We are here.

Still renting? With todays’ improved mortgage rates – let’s see how much more home your downpayment can buy. Let’s see why buying maybe better than renting. The old rules seldom apply today. Let’s discuss the ‘other side of the coin’ – home ownership – then you decide. The one constant: Preparation is key to success. We have an active market, and contracts are being placed every day. Call today.

Time for a change in life? Let’s talk. In moving towards retirement, there are Capital Gains numbers one needs to grasp and discuss, as well as, other family dynamics and questions. Our ‘special sauce’ is being able to carry this conversation – for you – as your professional advocate. Ours is to seek realistic and plausible potential options for you. This includes are top shelf Realtors, here and afar. All part of our nationwide sourcing and a first fruit of all the work we have accomplished these 30 plus years! We know Lenders, Realtors, Title, and all for you.

If you agree, we can begin to lay out the many differing strategies, until we find the one best for you. We offer an excellent, step-by-step approach, so you feel confident you are making the best decision. Best of all: It’s free. And with our assistance, we can make buying your new home, a simple, straightforward process.

We are ready today, to provide you a strong loan, best in price and service. Call us today.

Our real estate friends suggest this can be the difference maker. Let’s talk.

Call Mike – I want your dreams to become your reality.

The Good, the Bad, n the Ugly

The Good: White House Taking Action When Needed

In the times most needed – or not all – the US Senate and House went on vacation. They left us a with a too high double digit unemployment rate. Surprise to some, President Trump stepped up and took action. Thankfully, he extending the extra unemployment benefits – previously up to $ 600/ wk – that expired August 1. The new order continues this at $ 400. Extra twist: Each State must request and kick in $ 100 of the $ 400.

The Bad: California Leadership

Instead of acting in the best interest of middle America, Small Business, and the workers of California, its Governor – Gov. Newsom – said no the Trump offer. Thus the State will not contribute $100 of the $400 for the unemployed of our State. This means Californians will only get a maximum of $ 300, caused by the Governor’s imposed CoVid shutdown. Talk about bad planning and a poor set of priorities – politics before the suffering worker.

The Ugly: Innovation under fire

Congressional hearings about breaking up the FANGS. Let’s see, how did de-regulation of the airline industry work? How did breaking up AT&T work?

Yet, the same drum beat. Somehow DC leadership – Congress and Senate – wants us to believe they know best how to run a railroad – into the ground. The list of bad policy and arrogant certainties, is long. Instead, why not simply provide a better opportunity for more free, fair, and open competition. Please vote responsibly in November. We don’t need less competition or more governmental politics. Both are dangerous. Instead, let us inspire and promote more and more ways to bring the truth to the waiting and wanting public. Vote wisely in November.


1) We also provide loans – new and refinance – for Small Business and Commercial. This may prove most helpful near-term and longer term. 2) Plus: We offer specialized tax-advantaged alternatives, when selling highly appreciated real estate. We are proud to ask: Why pay Capital Gains taxes now? Why deplete your cash, when unnecessary? 3) We also provide strategies to help keep you in your home, providing more options than just a Reverse Mortgage.

Call and let’s prepare for your tomorrow – Today


As we approach the coming elections, let’s carefully examine the major year-to-year trends. Until Co-Vid, we had a most vibrant economy, breaking major records – stocks, incomes, savings, wealth, employment, etc. An economic turn around believed impossible, by the intellectuals and political class. Then by no fault or blame of our own, came CoVid and a rapid economic disaster, world-wide. Question: Who best has proven the ability to grow our economy out of a recession? It would seem this answer is also the answer in 2020.

Choose and consider wisely, not letting personality, but proven outcomes, be the voting issue. Jobs and our kids’ future are at stake. For me, I tire of words meant only to sell me. Instead it is time for actions bringing resolutions that builds a more peaceful and prosperous USA. With this, consider immigration. It is good to remember that in spite of 8-year terms – Clinton and Obama – reform did not happen. It was never considered. Just mouthing words. Please, don’t vote the rhetoric. Learn from actual deeds and promised fulfilled. It is time to give the talkers, their well deserved walking papers. You have the power of the private ballot.

Consider this: Last week, a CA State representative sought to outlaw evictions – for a full year – regardless the end of the State of Emergency. A cheap headline grabber. We all know that to stop foreclosures – where no promise-of-payments are made – would stop every bank from lending in California. If this is not a cheap grabbing of headlines, then ask why would any elected official want to destroy the American middle-class, unless they hate what America stand for and what we have accomplished. I will never forget that you and I work very hard, every day, to hold onto the American dream. Why doesn’t the press care?

Vote America in November.

Good News:

Far more than politics and politicians, we are positive thinkers with realistic views and vision.

Hot real estate is not just in the SF Bay Area. Most of our Country is participating, without fears. Why? Low interest rates and pent up demand. It is key to bringing both Buyers and Sellers to the table. We saw the situation and we adapted. Areas without the threat of CoVid, are seeing 60 groups going through an open house.

Key question: Is now the opportune time to act? YES, with emphasis. Especially if: 1) seeking a good quality home with a good location 2) excellent / low interest rate, 3) a professional team keeping the client safe and secured against fraud and missteps, and 4) strong lenders able to provide a customizable loan, best fit from them, today, tomorrow, putting you first. This team describes Michael Ryan and I have a strong database of awesome Realtors. Let’s talk.

This is the most bang for your dollar.

With rapid changes in our market – home availability, pricing, lender programs – the best way to be prepared, is for us to talk first. This is no time for short cuts and wishful thinking.

The Good News: We love Buyer questions and have the tools to evaluate a broad spectrum of questions: Home prices, loan programs, lender options, deferred capital gains, Small Business, Vets, or refinance, etc. Even better, its only a phone call away – Let’s Talk.

Tax Deferral Programs

Someone I know, recently chose to payout over $ 500,000 in capital gains tax to Uncle Sam – not including the State. A sad outcome and one to be avoided. The first problem, they acted before we talked. He did not know we have the legal tools to help keep most – if not all – of one’s hard earned capital gains, in his pockets – away from the tax man.

There is a legal – and excellent – way to keep your money working for you, There strategies are proven and IRS-approved. Sadly only a few practitioners are aware of it many benefits. The Good News. I am one of these and you have access to me, by a simple call. And with this, comes the awareness of a strong support team and network of professionals, each step of the process. Key First Step: Establishing a game plan and carefully identifying the players needed. And because time is critical, a careful, overall evaluation is needed. No Super Bowl has ever been won, or even played, without a game plan, without a play book, and the right players. Let’s talk and get a sense of your initial thoughts, what you want, and how soon.

Closing Thoughts:

We are the financing arm to help leverage your strengths with assets and accumulate long-term wealth. We offer needed information – perspective and plausible financial solutions – with strong lenders ready to say “Yes”. Give us a call. If you are interested in this kind of outcome, let’s start building your future, today.

Thank you and continued blessings.