August 2020 Letter From My Heart and the Good Bad n’ Ugly

Good morning to Great Summer News:

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Rates steady – many seeing 3%, even into the 2%’s.

Numbers for Co-Vid are seemingly increasing. Some for very explainable reasons – including the continued riots – while also discovering many of the Co-Vid test results, clearly overstated actual infections – many fold. The Good News: 1) Death rates are declining, 2) the severity of lasting suffering is easing, and 3) fewer Co-Vid cases, labeled persistent.

Yet, we seem to have a media more focused on shutting down our economy and schools, for the of sake of November elections. What about the measurable effects on families, our children’s need to be returning to actual school, and our Small Businesses – the very backbone of the America way of life. This is sad and without excuse. Vote in November.

Yet there is a silver lining: In response to the severity caused by Co-Vid, we have the gift of Extremely low interest rates, never thought possible – even just a few months ago. This a responsible response to an unemployment rate nearing 20 %. Of the 80 % still on the job, a high percentage are home owners. This has helped many businesses remain active, even brisk, especially if considered “essential”. Let’s keep talking. Being prepared is Key.

My Professional Suggestion: Act now – This day.

Have home upgrades? What better time than now. And you still save real money.

The Good News:

3 % interest rates, with some starting with a 2% !! We see Jumbo loans solidly in the lower to mid 3’s. More good news: “Property Inspection Waivers” are possible when the LTV is low – high equity in your home. Our government is loosening, a bit.

New home sales continue very strong, with the real estate market able to meet demand and the process working quite smoothly. We are again seeing offers over asking, and Sellers seeking not just pre-qualification letters, but also Pre-Approval letters. We do both and do both very well. This also makes early loan preparation most important, especially if you want a leg up on the other Buyers. Let’s talk today. Put time on your side.

Good News: Technology can be our friend: Electronic signatures, dropbox, even web-video, gives us ways to gather and move information around, without touching or face-to-face. We are here for you, in more and better ways. Give me a call.

Excellent Rates – So prepare today, for your better tomorrow. Call Now!

Housing: Appreciation: Low supply + increasing demand, bring the desired outcome of even more appreciation. Homeowners working, and those seeking to own, is the semblance of a regular market, as we continue to adapt to how we view properties. We are to ready help.

Current home owner? Fantastic! Let’s talk. Now maybe “that” good time you have been awaiting. Interest rates are great and with current market fears, this is a great window of opportunity. My suggestion – let’s talk now and then work together, on-line. We are here.

Still renting? With todays’ improved mortgage rates – let’s see how much more home your downpayment can buy. Let’s see why buying maybe better than renting. The old rules seldom apply today. Let’s discuss the ‘other side of the coin’ – home ownership – then you decide. The one constant: Preparation is key to success. We have an active market, and contracts are being placed every day. Call today.

If you agree, we can begin to lay out the many differing strategies, until we find the one best for you. We offer an excellent, step-by-step approach, so you feel confident you are making the best decision. Best of all: It’s free. And with our assistance, we can make buying your new home, a simple, straightforward process.

We are ready today, to provide you a strong loan, best in price and service. Call us today.

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Helpful News:

Facts are the best counter to “fake fears” about a recession. It overcomes misguided distortions and brings a helpful reality to what matters to you.

  • Economy: Our expectation are for our economy to return to semi-normal. Business liquidity is aided by strong policies – Fed Reserve and DC – dampens current risks and provides better job security. Ultimately, “We The People” will determine the outcome and November matters. Play safe and give no future excuse to shutdown our economy.
  • Monetary policy: In a nutshell, the Federal Reserve, US Treasury, and D.C. polices are motivated to keep the 10-year T-Bill and 30-year mortgage rates, at these very low rates, for as long at it takes.
  • Trade talks: They remain positive, though off the headlines. We are fortunate to have good negotiators, looking out for our American worker and Small Business.
  • Oil Prices: Low oil and gas pump prices, are a welcomed offset to the negatives of the corona-virus. One wonders how States dependent on gas-taxes, will cut spending.


1) We also provide loans – new and refinance – for Small Business and Commercial. This may prove most helpful near-term and longer term. 2) Plus: We offer specialized tax-advantaged alternatives, when selling highly appreciated real estate. We are proud to ask: Why pay Capital Gains taxes now? Why deplete your cash, when unnecessary? 3) We also provide strategies to help keep you in your home, providing more options than just a Reverse Mortgage.

Call today and let’s prepare for your tomorrow – Now.

The Good, the Bad, n the Ugly

The Good: Federal Government working together

The Federal Reserve, DC politicians, and the President working together. From discussions of tax cuts, ‘extra’ income with un-employment checks, SBA loan programs, and talks of a third incentive plan this fall, such actions will spur jobs and the economy.

Although the State of CA is in this month’s BAD, here is a ray of hope from our leadership: A recent update from Assemblyman Kansen Chu: In May, the Governor proposed deep cuts to education, senior services, and services for those with disabilities. My colleagues and I did not agree with the cuts as we believe this is the time that people need services the most. I am happy to report that the final budget does NOT include cuts to education, retains funding for programs serving seniors and those with disabilities, extends unemployment up to 20 additional weeks, and provides local government with funding to help our homeless population. The budget also allocated funding for COVID-19 testing and contact tracing.

The Bad: California Leadership

Governor Gav’s continued ruination of California, by his politicized leadership. He left San Francisco as the only sitting Mayor to end his term having worse visitor numbers – far worse – than His beginning. Sadly, this pattern of leadership continues in Sacramento. Now comes the news Wells Fargo is planning to move their corporate headquarters out San Francisco, and worse, out of our State. Is this how sound leadership responds to our housing crisis, by incentivizing the moving of good paying workers, out of our State. This is your State, too.

The Ugly: Cancelling History – Cancelling America

Removing Statues, changing names of major league franchises. All in the purported name of ‘political correctness’. How can we learn about who we are, as a nation, or gauge our successes and failure, if denied the ability to learn from our very own American cultura? I love the USA and believe in the spirit that built it.

Next we will ban all religions, for their histories are filled with stories of the great harm man is capable of doing to another. Be very careful of what is being asked for, for what you may discover and become, will be the very thing claimed to be hated. Where is the hope in this?


As we approach coming elections, I reflect upon the past few years to examine the major trends and how they are moving. Until Co-Vid, we had a vibrant economy, breaking major records – stocks, incomes, savings, wealth, employment, etc. A most significant turn-around, from the faltering economy, heading into a recession, near the end of 2015. Who best can turn us around a second time? Choose and consider wisely. Our jobs are at stake.

Consider as well, the issue of immigration. Please remember, in spite of 8-year terms for both Presidents Clinton and Obama, reform did not happen. Words that sell – no actions that resolves. Let us learn: Rhetoric is sold, so now its time to vote for someone who delivers. We demand hard votes, real action, and the dollars to do it. Let the talkers walk, by your vote.

Be shocked. Last week, a State representative sought to outlaw evictions – for a full year – past the end of the State of Emergency. This is irresponsible! To not allow the Federal Government to bring foreclosers – when no payments are made – would cause every bank to STOP lending in CA. Ask yourself, why do our elected leaders seek to destroy the middle-class and the security of their established wealth? Do they truly forget that you and me, work very hard, every day, to hold onto what we have and build a future next egg?

Be careful !! Be wise, be concerned for Everyone ! Vote America in November.

Springtime Buying in the Summer

Normal or a Season of Surprises ?

Good News: Ahh, back to some sunshine, warmer weather, and positive thinking:

Hot real estate is not just in the SF Bay Area, most of the Country is participating. Why? Low interest rates. It helps bring both Buyers and Sellers to the table. This, even though the virus has brought a need to be flexible and adaptable. Key question: Is now the opportune time to act? YES, with emphasis. Especially if: 1) seeking a good quality home, 2) excellent / low interest rate, 3) has working professionals keeping them safe from poor paper work and against fraud, and 4) strong lenders providing a customizable loan program best fit from them, first.

This is the most bang for your dollar.

With rapid changes in our market – home availability, pricing, lender programs – it best to talk first. This is no time for short cuts and wishful thinking. The Good News: We have tools to evaluate a broad spectrum of Buyer questions: Home prices, loan programs, lender options, deferred capital gains, Small Business, Vets, or refinance. Just a phone call away, let’s talk.

Tax Deferral Programs

Let’s talk. Someone I know, chose to payout over $ 500,000 in capital gains tax to Uncle Sam – not including the State. Such is a sad outcome when a potential client decides to first act, before knowing the legal tools to help keep most – if not all – of one’s hard earned capital gains. Its a great – and proper – way to keep your money working for you, They are proven and IRS-approved. Key First Step: Let us introduce you a team of trustworthy pros – expert in these tools – to show you how they can fit the specifics of your situation. This keeps you safe from the pitfalls the IRS added. Keep your cash working for you. It is your bottom line.

Closing Thoughts:

We are the financing arm to help leverage your strengths with assets and accumulate long-term wealth. We offer needed information – perspective and plausible financial solutions – with strong lenders ready to say “Yes”. Give us a call. If you are interested in this kind of outcome, let’s start building your future, today.

Thank you and continued blessings.