Commercial Lending Successes and News for December 2019

Good morning to this Holiday Season of Life, Light, and Good Cheer;

I trust these fine days finds you in good health, with renewed hope in the American spirit.

Wrapping up 2019, we find our overall economy enjoying an excellent year. Help wanted signs abound, starting pay is better than ever, interest rates are very attractive, and the stock market keeps finding record highs. What’s not to like ?

What to watch for: Unintended consequences. Rent control is such an event. Instead of helping housing, it actually leads to fewer rentals being available. Another is “affordability” as the new cause for raising taxes. Sadly, if one follows the money, little goes to actual housing and most to the general fund. History shows that the more government wants to control, the more those meant to be served, are not. Be very careful of the one-government / one party solution.

Love to time the market? Today’s rates make now awonderful window of opportunity to:

Refinance your ballon loan today.

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As you can tell, my approach is straightforward – based in meaningful data, not pointless facts. We complete the job – without headaches to you. Our thinking is bold in searching out what best fits your lending needs, with a disciplined plan of reviewing and executing a proven strategy. Our strength is gathering relevant data, focusing on differing loan programs, and executing a timely close. We call this the WIN Strategy – a proven path to financial success, that is safe, secure, and provides long-term success. Can I be of service to you?

Market News:

  • Rents and NOI: Both increasing. MHC shows strong rent growth, as the marketplace continues seeking more housing. Most rental increases are showing signs of stability. Nationwide, annual rent increases, for SFR, is running about + 3 %. Good and stable.
  • Cap Rates: Steady as she goes. Another fabulous year to celebrate.
  • Jobs: Not too much can be said, other than ‘WhooHoo’ ! Another year of growth. Will the bears be right? Best news: Fears of a 2019 recession, proved to be “fake news.” And now, calls for a 2020 election year recession, are disappearing.
  • Federal Reserve and the Yield Curve: Fed Policy follows and focuses on PCE – today’s version of the CPI – at it anticipates consumer inflation. Currently the index shows no signs of troubling inflation and suggests stable interest rates for the coming year.
  • Transportation: Concerns for slippage in shipments maybe over stated. A historical perspective indicates shipments were worse, over a longer cycle, from mid- 2015 into early 2016. With the China trade war easing, we will keep watching for you.
  • Income Tax Burden: US tax burden – 24.3% of GDP – is lower than all but three of the 36 OECD nations; Chile, Ireland and Mexico. It is exactly 10 percentage points below the OECD average. In 2000, US number was 28.3% of GDP and 5.5 % below the average. Taxes in France are double the US rate and may help explain the public unease.
  • Builders: Booming, best numbers since the go-go years. Sentiment up, permits up, starts up. This group expects 2020 to be a better year than the current good years we have had.

Call us. We are here ready help and now is the time.

Success Stories

Growth, expansion, and the fun of trading, are all doing great!

We love talking about various ways to avoid capital gains taxes – methods of turning passive income or capital gains tax losses, into cash working for you. And now with another year of growth in equity, we expect 2020 to be a great year, especially for those ready to take full advantage of the tools we offer. Call today and let’s begin planning for 2020.

The Good News: We specialize in small-balance commercial loans –

SBA, Agriculture, Small commercial properties.

It was a steady part of our 2019 work, expecting more this year.

Let’s talk today to help your 2020 be your best year ever.

While most commercial real estate deals are straight forward, it is good to recognize that not all closing are glazed donuts, with sprinkles. Most move smoothly and some can be entertaining. Yet as expected, for a few, lenders find difficulties to overcome. The good news: We never quit and your success is our goal, from the first step, to close of escrow, and beyond.


Bottom Line: Lower interest rates are opening new doors and increased profitability for Small Business Commercial and Apartments. It is a great time to invest, or add to your bottom line, by refinancing existing loans and consolidating debts. This is especially relevant and timely, for refinancing any “balloon loans”. Call: Let’s talk about you getting more for your dollar, today.

Where are you? If Buying, we provide the financing to carry you through. If Selling, we have multiple ways of delaying and deferring Capital Gains taxes. If you are seeking to re-structure from a short-term sweat equity buildout to a long-term hold, call us. We hear you and are ready to help. I am speaking regarding Capital Gains deferral and avoidance strategies again January 18th. If you have an interest, reach out and I will get an invite out to you.

Benefits: We help our clients / investors achieve; improved cash flow, increased potential for future rental increases, and good budgeting of major expenses. We believe in investing in real estate – a quality asset for a diversified portfolio.

Good News: Our many lending partners are ready to write – today – traditional commercial loans, without surprises. Even more: Many of our lenders offer terms beyond the common 10-year term. Learn more – Call today.

Key to Your Success

Upfront planning, good preparation, and quality data. From here, we build a solid, strong loan request, one anticipating lender questions – small details and typical questions. Good New: We know the how, what, why’s. This insight is key to why my team should be a value team player in your investment mode. Details we know – Let’s talk.

New to Commercial Lending?

For years, we have new people coming into the marketplace, finding our commentary quite helpful. They appreciate both our straight forward action plan and ability to provide a quick review. Thank you again for your business – and your referrals – as I look forward to talking with you.

If you or someone you know, is considering investing in real estate for the first time, please call. This first call is a great way to address concerns, questions, and possibilities.

You have heard me say it before:

It all starts with our first conversation.

Let’s talk today.

Many blessings for family and friends.

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