Commercial Lending Successes for August

August Commercial Lending and Information for Investors:

Special Invitation: Final call to the Norris Group event, if you would like to join us.

On Friday, September 28th, we have a table at The Norris Group’s: I Survived Real Estate. It is a black tie gala and we will be at the Nixon Library. This event is $ 200 per seat and sells out each year. If you have interest, please let me know – a few seats remain.

With the potential signals of market change, the conversation and interviews with the chief economist for Fannie Mae, John Burns (market leader in economics for builders) and other equally noteworthy panelists, can be a market leading look at real estate.

With August comes the traditional end-of-Summer transition. For Investors, this is an excellent time to call and begin discussion about your tomorrow. For instance, should one hold steady or give consideration to diversifying the investment portfolio. With this, we offer many tools to help you make solid, secure decision. This included proven tools and techniques to keep all of your capital working for you, via differing tax-deferral strategies. Our conversations should be informative, interesting, and beneficial to your bottom line.

News of the Day

Business stays strong: Commercial leases remain hot, purchases are doing well, and Small Business continues firing on all 8 cylinders. In short, consumer demand is not the issue.

With this, we continue brisk business in small apartment complexes, Small Business lending, and construction. And for our Realtor partners, our tax strategies – ones keeping more of your clients capital gains working for them – is helping increase the number of listing available for sell. Our partnership approach to commercial lending is a win for all.

Past month Success Stories

We continue our work for 3 different apartment purchases, a DoD contractor, and a couple investment opportunities outside the box. Our goal is keep things move smoothly – though it may “feel” like longer time lines. The standard transactions run 60 – 90 days to complete.

Often we receive a call from a client whose investment, because it is not ‘right down the middle of the fairway’, is immediately rejected. But that is not our style. Yes, we love down the middle, but we are ready and take pride in being prepared for whatever challenging endeavor is brought to us. We are here for you. Give us a ring, either for yourself – or someone you know – with projects seeking trusted, proven care.

Looking Ahead: News and Comments

Single family delinquencies continue to drop and commercial activity is ticking up. Good news: Interest rates continue steady, with upward movement constrained by weak activity in Europe and China. More good news: Consumer sentiment and builder sentiment continue strong, with both up slightly. Consumer buying is exceeding expectations and net take home pay, is up again. Call today and stay ahead of the curve.

Keep in mind, during the war called politics, the news we read and hear, may not accurately reflect what is actually happening. For myself, my focus is to keep to the straight and true, unmoved by doomsayers. I put solid choices and your financial security, as my first priority.

Our Lending Process

Need the help of a financial expert? Most success stories begins with the first discussion. It is critical. It is here we carefully review three essentials:

1) Availability of Capital,

2) Availability of lender products fit for your specific needs,

3) Business market expertise and insight.

Looking to buy or re-allocate your current portfolio? Together, we carefully review a full range of successful strategies, including how to keep your capital-gains working for you. Such proven techniques can be especially beneficial for highly appreciated real estate.

For many investors, delaying the “tax monster” is of great interest. It is here, we can help you build a step-by-step proven approach, one adaptable to your unique situation and overall long-term financial plan.

If you are ready, give a call. We will gladly introduce you to six proven ways to “sell and pay no taxes today”. This an excellent approach to real estate – even if owner occupied. BEST: No cost or obligation to call and ask!

Our Pride is in Your Success

Regardless the road traveled, experience makes clear two primary keys to success: 1) market timing, and 2) one’s commitment to early preparation. That said, let’s begin preparing today. What better way to keep “Father (or Mother) Time” working for you?

Excellent preparation is key to overcoming concerns of higher rates.

Let’s talk soon – the economy is expanding and staying in touch is key to being ready.

Enjoy your day and we remain gratefully yours.

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