Residential Successes for August

Good morning to August,

A fun August traditions of mine, is the enjoyment of older cars and hotrods at the “Hot August Nights” event in Reno. See you there? I do like Summers with its vacations, outdoor BBQ’s, and trips to the lake or beach. A great time to gather together with family and friends. Yet, let us also keep prayerful thoughts for those facing the difficult challenges of the many fires.

As a finance guy and landowner, I see Summer as a good opportunity to tap into our increased home equity to make desired, even wise, property improvements. Why so? I have learned that by re-investing in my real estate today, I will add additional value to my home or property, in excess of costs. For me, my focus is on “curb appeal” – that unique visual that triggers people to make an offer and then brag to others. Call us for help and suggestions. How good can it get?

Market News

How is the residential market doing? Glad you asked. The pace of July residential homes sales – – this year vs last – is down about 20 %. A trend building? We shall see, the available inventory has returned to the levels of 5 of the past 6 years (last year being the outlier) The good news: Interest have not followed the end of year upward trend thus far. We have been effectively flat the past 2 months. This Fall could be a good buying opportunity – more homes, fewer buyers.

In the midst of “fears” of rising rising rates, our mortgage rates continue within the same 1/8 % band for the past 2 months. Please don’t let the headlines keep you from calling. And with more home available, in more locations, call today to take advantage of a good buying opportunity.

Informative News

Recently I attended a national conference for a Financial Planning organization. It included a number of economic based trainings. I do love learning. One insightful point to remember:

A study of the difference in rates – the 2 Yr vs. the 10 Yr bond – offers insight into the next recession. If on average, under 1/2 %, the next recession is likely in 4 years. And if the “2 / 10” goes negative, most reports will say a recession is imminent – 2 years or less.

Why are such things important? It provides me another helpful tool to help keep you up-to-date, as to your investment planning – whether investing, selling, or seeking a tax-deferred exchange. Let’s not fall prey to the empty talk about imminent doom. Please call. Awareness is a priority.

Recent Residential Success Stories

A couple of recent clients entered into contract on replacement properties, with a sale contingency. Fortunately, the market is quickly adapting to our the Summer slow down – slow being relative – as we slowly shift from solid Sellers market, to a far more balanced market.

Looking ahead, I believe this pattern will continue into next Spring. This is good news: It will bring a calm to excess exuberance – aided by the end of the hocus-pocus of the election cycle. Could there be another tax break for the working family? Keep coming back for what is real.

Because You Matter

We work with individuals and professionals – like yourself – whose focus is on securing highly advantageous financing for their real estate properties and small businesses. Our initial ‘sit-down’ often proves “key” on the path to your next success story. This initial step – based on our experience and expertise – helps clarify the tools of our trade, best able to achieve the success you deserve. It is an effective use of time and efficient in defining the custom solution you seek.

Our distinctive differences are Our Company, we have been in business 16 years. Our Solutions, providing residential, commercial, small business and construction financing. This includes reverse mortgages, tax-advantage financing, and more advantageous loans for small business and commercial loans. And Myself, the focus of my 28 years in this business brings in the joy of real estate financing, as I bring to my clients, my multi-disciplined experience. It is my passion.

Our approach and experience sets us apart and offers a solid reason for you to call us.

As you can tell, home finance is far more than a scant overview of rates and fees. What is needed is a financial specialist who wants to know you and your concerns – one who is able to address your needs. It is how we best optimize your desires, within the right loan.

My suggestion: Plan Today, so you will be ready for your Tomorrow.

One closing thought: Yes, the standard loan is our bread and butter. Yet we love a good challenge and are ready to help today. We love to hear “Yes”, when others say, “no way”. Give us a call. Our many referrals speak to the quality of our workmanship.

As always, thank you for your calls and referrals. Your success is our priority.

We remain gratefully yours,

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