Commercial Successes for April

Good morning to the Spring warmth of Small Business:

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May 16th, 2018

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With the good economy, our Commercial projects have become a strong part of our business, especially our SBA and USDA business and investment loans. And with attractive interest rates, we continue active in refinancing balloon loans, as well as new construction.  It is good to note that “capitalization rates” for commercial properties, NNN opportunities, and apartments continue to hold record lows.

The Good News

We are active lending specialists in the following market segments:  

Construction loans – Bridge loans – Tenant Improvement 

Searching for project financing?  Before taking the first step, let’s talk. This initial call can prove critical to your success. Its here we carefully review three essentials:

1) Availability of Capital,

2) Availability of lender products fit for your specific needs,

3) Business market expertise and insight.


Look for interest rates to continue a slow steady increase, similar to the January / February period.  We note three likely causes: The Federal Reserve and the EU are reducing their “helping” hand,  while as the same time, new US debt is being issued to cover additional Federal expenses.  Combined, this means more money with fewer active buyers. Outcome: higher rates to attract new buyers.

Looking to buy or re-allocate your current portfolio?

Let’s carefully review a number of strategies whereby your capital-gains can continue working for you. Such proven techniques can be especially beneficial for highly appreciated real estate.  If this delaying of the tax monster is of interest, we can help you build a step-by-step approach that can be adapted to your situation and overall financial plan. Want to know more?  Give a call. We will gladly introduce you to six such ways, each preferred to sell and pay taxes today approach. We can help even if the property is owner occupied.  BEST:  No cost or obligation to call and ask!

Our Pride is in Your Success 

Regardless the road traveled, experience makes clear two keys primary to success:  1) market timing, and 2) one’s commitment to early preparation.  That said, let’s begin preparing today.  What better way to keep “Father-Time” working for you?

Of special note:  If you face a financing challenge with either: 1) a turn-around project, or 2) a failing tax-deferred exchange, due to “up-leg” financing, please call.  We are skilled at helping you find need alternatives for the outcome you seek.

Our predictions:  Continue planning for rising Fed Funds rates throughout 2018.  Let’s remember rates remain quite low for an expanding economy. Let us also be ever mindful of rising inflation expectations and any shift in Federal Reserve policy, especially as to ending 10-years of quantitative easing.  Both will most likely mean higher bond yields and thus, mortgage rates.  Keep in mind, as the demand for money increases due to either US debt or commercial investing, or inflation, loan rates will increase. Call us.  We want to help you lock into long-term rates, today.

Let’s not fear rates, but fully benefit through excellent preparation.

Let’s talk soon –  the economy is expanding and staying in touch is key to being ready.

To a fabulous year of investing, we remain gratefully yours.

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