May Letter from My Heart and Invite to Tax Deferral Seminar

Good morning to the Spring Days of May,

Looking for a seminar worthy of your time? Check this link. It is our specialized review: “Tax Deferral and Avoidance Strategies for Highly Appreciated Real Estate.” If you are tired of over-paying taxes, let me introduce you to the tools to successfully keep your money working for you.  Sound good?  If so, hope to see you in a couple of weeks.

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May 16th, 2018

May 19th 2018

I am looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Our year continues with great growth. Key is taking time with each of our clients – even those with less than perfect credit.  By providing a careful review, often those turned away now hear the “YES” they deserve.  As a professional, it seems we should provide that little extra for clients with unique challenges and situations. It is part of what we do.  Please call us if you love success or have a friend who could use our specialized talents.

Whether a Veteran buying a homes, or a self-employed entrepreneur, or even a Department of Defense contractor expanding their business opportunity, call us.  We have the know-how to turn hopes and concepts into working realities.  We are ready to address ever-changing lender challenges and sometimes crazy nuances as to payroll and new payroll structures.  And if you are a farmer or a mobile home park owner, we are experienced and ready to help, today.

Point of Interest:  Velocity of Money

Velocity-of-money is seldom discussed, yet helpful in seeing where we are and likely going.  When this number is falling, it is a sign people are hoarding cash and new investments are declining.  This is not a good combination and after peaking at 2.2 in 1997, it hit a recent low of 1.43.  Why?  Primary because of the financial crisis and its heightened uncertainty, excessive bureaucracy, and a Federal Reserve policy making buying bonds a poor investment.

The good news: The situation is changing.  People are more confident about their jobs and take home wages.  Business opportunities and investments are resulting in more people being hired at higher paying jobs. And with tax reform, government deregulation, & the Federal Reserve allowing bond rates to rise, we should see welcomed improvement in the velocity of money plus increased productivity.  The unspoken side benefit – inflation should remain in check.

Our Monthly: The Good, Bad n’ Ugly:

The Good:

The joy of surviving tax day, while mindful of a few helpful stats:  Top 50 % of taxpayers pay 97.2 % of the tax receipts.  Top 5 % earn 36 % of the income and pay 60 % of the taxes.  Our tax code is setup to be progressive, and it is.  Source IRS & Tax Foundation.

The Bad:

Congress dissed us by putting personal politics before the nation.  There was a compromise offered regarding DACA and the Dreamers, and this for a measly 26 B towards a wall – one to be built by US workers. This unwilling to give a “win” to our twitter-in-chief, to accept his offer to compromise, has hurt all of us. This stone walling is infuriating.

The Ugly:

This month goes to our US Senators.  There is a serious challenge concerning the many empty seats for judges and other necessary leadership positions.  There are approximately 200 people put forth, for many months, simply awaiting Senate confirmation. Yet again irresponsible to us.

In Closing

Our initial conversations are usually two step.  The first is to gain a mutual understanding of your situation and attain essential information for our research and first conversations with our lending partners. Our second conversation is to review and share with you possible options that best fit your expectations, needs, and situation.  From here, you decide the next step.

This is the 7th year of our economic recovery and first with Trump. The good news continues, but what about tomorrow?  Let’s keep a close watch on the “velocity of money” and inflation. With this, two fun facts: 1) Worldwide growth for this year is estimated at + 3.5 % –    an incredible increase.  And 2) locally, though we have the 10th highest median income in the nation, we added 47,000 new jobs last year.  Let all keep working hard and be ever thankful.

Preparation is key and our team is ready to help you achieve your dream, now.

 Call today!

Have a blessed day and Joyful Springtime to all.

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