Commercial Successes for the Month of Thanksgiving

Good morning to the joy of Thanksgiving:

In this joy, our commercial markets have been a source of much thanks. Rents, property valuations, and occupancy rates, are exceeding the go-go years. The fruits of strong economic numbers, low employment, and high consumer confidence – offers abundant reasons for celebration.

As dessert, our banks and lenders “risk-tolerance” is making lending as favorable as one might expect, especially in a future of higher rates. Confidence is building and with this, there has been a rapid shift in re-positioning of investment properties, by prepared and ready investors.

The good news: We are active in this market strategy: construction loans, mezzanine or bridge loans, tenant improvement, etc.

We have the expertise to match investor projects with lenders best able to meet the specifics goals and needs of each unique development. With this, we have the skills to bring together the documents and project plans to finalize your financing needs. What better time to call than now.

Our first objective is to avoid hearing NO! from the lender. This is often the cause for the many transactions to fail before they start. This brings special emphasis to the need of quality documentations to meet lender needs. Long-story short, lending maybe easing, but there is no room for short-cuts. Working with us, you will be thankful for the extra effort we bring to each investment opportunity. Your success is what matters.

Of special note: If you are facing a financing challenge in a turn-around project, or a tax-deferred exchange failing due to up-leg financing, please call. We would love to work with you in finding success.

Stay in touch and bring a special thanks to those you love. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family and each of us have much to be thankful.

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