Commercial Successes in October Continue Unabated

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Commercial lending is often viewed as either: 1) “fill- in” for smaller sized or types of properties, or 2) more regional in scope, one for larger construction projects. Today both are growing and active.

In the past, large commercial projects were being completed before and even during the early days of a down-turn. Why? Often because of the lending cycle and not the economy. As a result, looking up to find constructions cranes in the sky, could be misleading.

Instead, I find tracking: 1) job growth – quite positive, currently a slowing trajectory, 2) housing growth and inventory supply, and 3) general activity on our streets and retail businesses. Some quantification mixed with ‘feel’ provide a far better insight. Let’s be clear, small business – the heart of America – directly benefits from our continued job and population growth. Good news for all.

Commercial lending successes: The list includes: 1) Franchisee purchasing another location, 2) rehab specialists obtaining commercial credit lines for new projects, and 3) construction financing for spec projects.

Our broad-based lending abilities are our strength and leads us down many interesting roads in commercial finance. If you are seeking an SBA construction loan, small office purchase, mixed-use building, or industrial and commercial condo’s, we are a proven winner and love success.

With this, we find filling the “lending gap” for projects under 2.5 M to be quite fulfilling – building a strong application package after blending it with responsive research, and good team work. Such is the proven path to the success you seek and deserve.

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