February 2020 Market Commentary and Letter From My Heart

Good morning to the burgeoning Spring Season,

I am often asked the source my steady, positive outlook. We know it is not the headlines ! Instead I have been blessed with working with excellent clients, over the last 30 plus years. I have continually discovered within them – whether times of growth, no growth, or even recession – a positive spirit and, holding a strong belief that all things will work out for the best.

They tend not to be panicked by momentary fears. Instead they know who they are – home or no home. They know life to be far more than the price of a home. Understanding the benefits of good teamwork; of a professional helping them achieve their goals and are ever loyal.

Having the benefit of such clients, I am thankful for my opportunity to serve and be inspired by them. This relationship of trust and honor may help explain their many referrals. Numbers are essential, yet “true value” is in the building of lasting relationships that make the client better.

The Good News: We offer our special talents, well-tuned experience, and focused training to you and your referrals. It is what makes our working together, helpful and informative.

Rates are great, so prepare today, for your tomorrow. Call today.

Housing: Expectations are high – both Builder and Buyer. And with excellent mortgage rates, 2020 should be a good year for both Buyers and Sellers. Springtime will be exciting and if you are considering buying, please call. Let’s start preparing today, to be ready for your tomorrow.

Current home owner? Fantastic ! Let talk. Now maybe “that” good time you have been awaiting. Interest rates are great now. My suggestion – let’s talk now.

Still renting? With todays’ very low rates – call to see what your downpayment can buy you, today. We will lay out loan programs – finding ones best fit for you – while offering excellent, step-by-step approach, before deciding. Best of all: It’s free. And with our assistance, let us show you how to make your new home, a simple and straightforward process.


Is it time to wonder about recession? My opinion, No. 1) The Federal Reserve cut rates. 2) With this, they also began a modified QE-2. 3) USMCA has been just signed and will add jobs and grow GDP. 4) A China trade deal has been struck, which will add jobs, bring cash to mid-American farmers, and may help Europe. Unknown – 2020 elections.

Spring Buying Season

With the strength of our economy, it is time to prepare for the Springtime buying frenzy. Good News: We are now setup to work with most every major lending source, in our marketplace. This includes Wells Fargo and Chase Banks – “a best source” for Jumbo loan programs, for well qualified providers. We are a very strong lender source, loving to compete with price, quality, and service.

We are ready today, to provide you a strong loan, best in price and service. Call us today.

Our real estate friends suggest this can be the difference maker. Let’s talk.

Is this your Time to Buy or Refinance?

We will show you how and why, now is the time to make this dream happen.

Call Mike –

Helpful News:Facts are the best counter to “fake fears” about a recession. It overcomes misguided distortions and brings a helpful reality to what matters to you.

  • Economy: Still adding jobs, low un-employment claims and layoffs.
  • Health Care: Be Careful What You Ask For: While Medicare for All offers advantages, be careful. Eliminating private insurers, the gate keepers who reduce access and overuse, will result in greater demand. If reimbursement rates are much reduced, doctors will earn less, time per patient will decline, and fewer doctors will graduate. Lower drug prices will reduce innovation and bringing healthcare cost growth/year down to GDP growth/annum is nigh impossible given demographics and inevitable patient and provider backlash.
  • Monetary policy influence: An important topic of high priority. As the ‘policy’ of providing injections to the economy is truly a new concept. We seek to feel out the full range of consequences – both to cheer and be watchful. Corporations continue to load up on low interest money, which often supports higher valuations of stock – P/E ratios and business investment to increase productivity. We do not see this ending anytime soon.
  • Trade talks: Becoming a past conversation, yet let us be watchful of actual outcomes. A shame as the financial world treats China as a third-world economy, with many perks they have long since grown out of needing. China – step up!
  • CA Trade: “The real story… value of exports produced by California manufacturers and farmers rose by 2.9% from a year earlier. This despite an exceptionally hostile climate for international trade,” said Jock O’Connell, Beacon Economics’ International Trade Advisor. The only ‘shipping’ numbers to drop, are those relating to shipments meant only to move through California, and not stop here ‘trans-shipments’.


1) We provide loans for Small Business and Commercial. 2) Even more, we offer specialized tax-advantaged alternatives, when selling highly appreciated real estate. We are proud to say: Don’t pay Capital Gains taxes now, unless you want to deplete your cash. 3) And, We provide strategies to stay in your home longer, only one solution being the Reverse Mortgage.

Call today and let’s prepare for your tomorrow – Now.

The Good, the Bad, n the Ugly

The Good: Global Economy

The IMF suggests positive global growth of 3.3% in 2020, up from 2.9% in 2019. Their hope is an aggressive easing of global monetary policy, resolution of US-China trade, calming of fake fears about Brexit, and an uptick in global trade growth from 1% in 2019 to 2.9%. Impact on US growth alone, remains unclear – more about wait and see.

The Bad: Banks to Big to Fail

News we can use. Enter a Big Bank into the news arena. Ex-Wells Fargo leaders are facing, personally, $59 million in fines. Former CEO John Stumpf agreed to pay a penalty of $17.5 million and be banished from the industry. Carrie Tolstedt, long-time leader of Wells Fargo’s community bank, faces a $25-million penalty. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said it could be higher. Though consequences are good news, it is Bad that it did and does happened.

The Ugly: Political Will

Elections are here. What’s Ugly? Politicians and Major Source Media assuming we don’t get it. Believing whatever they say, we hear and believe. Political promises not reflecting this recent, ugly reality, is Ugly. Vote wisely. Be wary. Be watchful, checking, trusting in ‘doing your best’.

Springtime Buying – Normal or a Spring Season Surprise ?

Headlines speak of affordability. Yet mortgage rates are historically very low and most attractive! And if one understand that a 3 % increase in one’s wage, will translate into a 6 % increase in buying power (in the Bay area) one will not be distracted by purposed headlines.

In the alternative, is my gauge – Live-ability Standard. This is the crux of my conversations with my Buying clients. It is critical to your buying options and possible financing strategies. I incorporate – income, expenses, and life-style – to aid in supporting and guiding your buying.

If you, your friends, or co-workers are looking to buy or refinance? Give us a call. We are ready to help. And, well-prepared to discuss your options and opportunities. To see the benefit of having a highly qualified and experienced loan officer working with you. We love to put each of our client’s success first – today and tomorrow. And more, we stand with you, until the sale or refinance is completed and all questions answered.

It is a trust relationship far superior to an “Internet-only” approach. You will have my 30 years of proven success, ready to quickly adapt, if the situation calls for it. Together, we avoid unsuspecting hick-ups and undisclosed expenses. Best: We custom fit your loan to what you want, not what the lender wants you to buy. This is my commitment to you. Let’s talk today.

Closing Thoughts:

We are the financing arm to help leverage your strengths with assets and accumulate long-term wealth. We offer needed information – perspective and plausible financial solutions – with strong lenders ready to say “Yes”. Give us a call. If you are interested in this kind of outcome, let’s start building your future, today.

Thank you and continued blessings.

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