February Commercial Lending News and Successes

Good morning to February; 

Back to the Business of Commercial Investing

Along with intermittent rain, we have intermittent updates about CoVid. Suffice it to say, the level of inconsistent / contrasting news interferes with nearly all aspects of our lives. It leaves high levels of inexcusableuncertainties. Uncertainty to commercial lending is much like inflation is to bonds – both not helpful to investors.  Amen for low rates. 

Stay Strong – Be of Great Courage

Take Full Advantage of Great Rates

Coming in 2021: With the elections over, we are receiving more calls to action. With it, there is growing need and interest in ‘Tax Deferral Consulting’.  The Good News: Our emphasis on this specific specialty, is expanding to include both California and nationwide. The beauty: There are more options and tools than the strict rules of the 1031 exchange? Let talk, today!

SBA Lending: 1) SBA lending continues at full steam, 2) Refinances are allowed, again, and 3) some rates on buildings, starting in the 2’s % !!  Good News – CalToday! – Don’t Delay.

Do all you can for your local Small Business

One cannot repeat this enough. WE need them.

Unemployment rate: People love to play with such numbers. Yet, in the end the best working percentage is 10-ish %. What wonders is: If expanded benefits can become a disincentive for a substantial number of people returning to work? It will be quite some time before we see mid-single digits – full employment – again – but it needs to be a first priority.

Special Request: Looking for extra work – not full-time? One of our associated small business companies has openings. People are needed – today – to help at farmers markets and weekend festivals – primarily the Bay area. Join our family of friends and their wonderful children – high school and college age are welcome. It is a great way to enjoy the week and experience the working of a Small Business. Please let me know. 

Re-Openings: Vaccines are getting administered and the World Health Organization –WHO – is back-trackingon actual numbers related to CoVid illnesses, specific. These uncertainties, inconsistencies, and perhaps lies – of this data –must stop. In such things, there is no science.

Commercial Refinances: Yes, CoVid is wreaking havoc on our P&L’s.  The Good News: Financing continues, albeit a bit more diligence in the quality of paperwork. It is what we do:

Balloon Loan in need of a refinance? Perhaps you are seeking to invest in property or simply need a sounding board, before deciding? My suggestion: Let’s talk first. One thing for sure: These very low rates offer a unique opportunity to: 1) Secure solid financing, 2) Modify one’s commercial portfolio, 3) Strengthen the balance sheet, and 4) Increase net cash. If you are ready, I am ready. Let’s start today.

In the works:

Apartments and Industrial segments showing good numbers that are strong. News from the CMBS portion of the market: Delinquencies; Hotel dropped 0.2 % to 17.9 % in January, Retail dropped 0.5 % to 10.5 %, Multi-family and Industrial both track under 1 %, with Mixed-Use rounding out at 4.2 %. 

 Good News: We do ‘on-the-edge’ financing. This includes Gas Stations, construction companies, commercial condo’s. With this, we do a smattering of small apartment buildings.  It is a team game with “on-going-work” lenders and clients wonderful to work with! 

News of the moment: 

Market data points: 

1) Unemployment: Seems stabile and steady. 

2) Retail sales and Inventory levels are both critical data points.

3) Inflation: Overall wholesale is close to flat, though fluctuations in specific markets.

 4) Freight – Area of inconsistency. Freight costs higher though store shelves not full.  


As a broker: WE provide a needed ray of hope, in uncertain times. For our commercial clients: WE provide a straightforward, careful review of available lenders and the full range of lending options. If you are ready, they are ready. Together we can make your investment dreams happen. It is an excellent pathway to success – uniting a strong, solid loan application, with interest rates unbelievably low. We are proven, with quality lenders ready to lend. Call today. 


Trust the true value and benefit of getting your loan done – right.

Many blessings for family and friends.