February Commercial Loans Keep On Trucking

Good morning,

Our commercial marketplace continues percolating along with good activity. Even better, this recovery is occurring Nationwide with a million news jobs added the past Quarter, plus an increase in the number of help wanted signs. These numbers help us to see past the headlines.

Both numbers are excellent.

In particular, there are three sectors where clients are taking full advantage of re-leveraging property. One such group is expanding their business square footage, while others use this opportunity to diversify their commercial portfolio.

A second group of investors are finding success by selling already appreciated commercial assets and then putting the cash into new properties having the potential for even better overall returns.

A third group seeks the tax-deferred advantages of exchanging properties for other like-kinds of investments.

Regardless what category may best fit you or the complexity of any specific transaction, the best place to start is with a conversation based upon on your goals, expectations, and where you are today.

If commercial is your niche, now is the time for planning.

As you read this brief email, who comes to mind in need of starting this first conversation. We are an experienced sounding board, good at laying down options and outcomes, as well as identifying the risks. Call or send an email. We would love to introduce ourselves and are excited about the opportunity and the marketplace.

We are looking forward to your call and please, enjoy your day.

Gratefully yours,

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