Our economy continues to grow. March Letter From My Heart

This month: 1) the Michael Ryan “State of the Union” 2) market metrics and 3) the Good, Bad & Ugly. Our goal: Grasping the factors affecting our lives, the ones we love, and the pursuit of our personal liberties.

State of the Union:

The last 5 years have shown improvement across the major measures of success. Economic growth is positive with a strong stock market. Corporate cash is near record levels and personal debt levels are declining. Property rents are up, and with it, steadily improving property values.

As one might suspect, the result has been a significant increase in the number of new projects we are financing, across a full breadth of lending options: 1) Veterans: no money down; 2) First-time homebuyers with as little as $500 down, 3) Easing of credit restrictions, and 4) Investor loans for properties over and above the limit of 10 from our government. The list goes on – Thank you.

Bottom line: The State of our Union is quite good; More people working, More people seeking work, and More newly posted help wanted signs. Add to this the continuation of low interest rates. Clearly we are at the start of a strong future with improved financial security. Further, even if housing growth remains below expectation, strong rents will continue. This will keep investors in rental properties smiling, while more and more people are improving home values by remodeling and updating their homes.

So please, give us a call and lets explore how we can best serve you. Our approach is simple in its clarity, while keeping you safe and fully informed each step of the way. We are strong in preparation which leads to success in execution. Call today to reserve your spot for success.

Market Metrics:

  • Rates – low as the world continues to struggles through ongoing financial challenges.
  • Strong investment metrics hold – constrained supply, increasing demand, and markets rocking.
  • Job growth continues with 4% increase in 2014 for the Silicon Valley.
  • Low rates and safe lending, are allowing the purchasing of substantially larger homes, when compared to the last two economic boom cycles.

Call today! The time and opportunity is now.

The Good, Bad and Ugly:

The Good: 1) Low interest rates are helping our clients save money, then using this monthly savings to reduce family debt. 2) Lender participation and new technology, is allowing our clients to custom fit their loan term to what best fits your life. If you have 27 years remaining, your new loan can be designed with the same 27 years. You can even target 19 years, so when your kids are ready for college, you are ready to help. 3) Sound good – let’s talk.

The Bad: A lack of needed clarity and decisiveness from some parties needed to best serve them. This often results in loan-plans leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table, with the client not even knowing. We do not believe in the No-plan approach to lending or knee-jerk, hurry up tactics. Our conversation approach to lending, helps assure this problem is not a problems for our clients .

The Ugly: A personal cry out for our elected representatives. Please, look beyond momentary fears or emotional pains. We are great at naming a specific need, then claiming the taxes to make it happen, sadly we then lack the planning needed to complete and be accountable for the finished product. The results: Decades of crappy streets with crappy low-bid repair; a failure to watch over project costs; and failure to budget for future care. One wonders if cities could be fined, if these troubles would continue. PG & E understands as a poster child for poor planning of upkeep. Yet if we don’t get involved, nothing will change regarding NIMBY or the feel good spending the lieu of social savings. What about the state of our schools. If we do not want more of the same, let’s meet at City Hall.

Thank you for your comments and insights. Life is more than an economic number and from the 30,000 foot level, it is clear our politics have a definite affect on the numbers. It is also clear, when we fail to vote, someone else will decide for us. I hope this helps explain why I call these letters, Letter from the Heart, for I speak not in left or right, but with care about you and your tomorrow being the best it can be.

Thank you for letting us serve and work with you. I do love this work and love to see peoples’ joy in their success. This will not change, no matter the economic numbers or the political winds. I thank you for the honor to serve you.

We encourage you to call. The conversations are free and your future the beneficiary. Be decisive, be prepared, and be well.

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