June 2019 Commercial Hotsheet Cover

Good morning to Summer time busy;

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General property types, information, and options

Good news:

1) Federal reserve: They are again buying Treasuries and government debt. In short, adding dollars to our economy. For now, it is a subtle, quiet form of short-term quantitative easing.

2) Employment: Good news continues even brighter. Unemployment is at historic new lows, unemployment claims are very positive, rising wages, and productivity to be most proud.

Market news:

1) Trade relations: They are key and part of our two-steps forward and one-step back game. It does appears we are taking a firm stand on key issues, thus altering past patterns of previous trade negotiations. Not always a rosy picture. Yet our economy improves and China’s weakens.

2) Economy exceeds expectations: All sectors with the exception of housing construction running positive. Housing will continue as it is, until local and state governments provide fiscal reason to build more. Good news: we won’t see a huge number of foreclosures in the next downturn.

Question: To ask of our Sellers – looking to re-invest – are they looking local or have thoughts of investing outside your immediate area? If yes, I would like you to consider the many benefits of a “1031 exchange”? It is an excellent tool to protect cash and further diversify your portfolio. It provides the financial advantage of a “monetized tax deferral strategy”. If such an actions fits your future – Please Call. Let’s develop a strategic plan to maximize your future success.

We know how to listen and find answers:
Do you have a “smaller town” project? Most main-stream financial lenders completely. Good news: Our California partners can provide $ 200,000 minimum loans to “small towns”. Our resources for Nationwide lending need a minimum population base of 100,000, with a minimum $ 500,000 loan amount. We love your success, so call now for details.

Lender Access:

Key: Grasping that a “single-only approach” to lending seldom brings a desired outcome for the client – especially with todays complexities. We know from experience, the necessity of developing options A, B, or C, with each being viable, safe, and secure. This approach is unique and helps set us apart from “the fit or don’t fit solutions” of individual banks. It is what you and each investor’s family deserve.

Call now. We are about a better tomorrow, through solid choices today.
Transforming Dreams and Ideas, into Personal Success Stories

Call today. We have the talents, tools, and expertise to help you secure a successful tomorrow, starting today. If this is what you need or want working with you, we are ready to help. Let’s talk.

We remain, Gratefully yours.

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