June Residential Loan Successes and News

Good morning to the Summertime of Welcomed News!!!

Mortgage Rates are coming down – Don’t Miss Out !!
World instability is bringing down mortgage rates – lowest since January 2018 !

Waiting to buy? Want more bang for your buck – Now is the time.

Thinking about the many benefits of refinance – Call Now. We are ready to help.

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The Good News: Looking back over 30 years of experience – matching today’s technical know how and my learned expertise – my constant desire is to help. Yet all this remains much like freeze dried food. It awaits to be activated by our first conversation – one that will be positive, informative, and straight forward. It is about you. Let’s talk.

In working together, we begin to transform questions, uncertainties, and anxieties, into workable options and realistic outcomes. Our safe and secure approach is a proven strategy able to bring a welcomes smile of satisfaction – financial and emotional. Amen.

How can we help ?

Our Goal: Helping you find a safe, sound, and secure loan. It is why every conversation matters and why we offer you the full benefit of our skills and talents, from start to finish.

Points of interest:

•   New Home Sales: Measuring signed contracts on new homes, sales were down 6.9% in April – weaker than the expected 3%.  But this doesn’t tell the whole story; 1) March report was revised significantly higher, keeping sales within expectations – down less than 3.0%. 2)  Keep in mind: Sales are up a solid 7%, year-over-year. This despite media and Diana Olick. They want you to believe housing is dead. 
•   Stock market: is again bouncing off lows – the 7th instance in the current economic expansion.  Most are driven by political issues and uncertainties in Europe and China – even Mexico.  We will see if this recovery, matches the last 6. Watch the range: Dow between 24500 and 26500 the new normal?
•   Inverted Yield Curve?  Not yet.  The Fed has verbally indicated it will remain watchful – comparing prime rate to traditional 2-year vs 10-year notes. 
•   Per our friend and chief economist with Fannie Mae, Dr. Doug Duncan: "The greatest impediment – to both sales and affordability – continues to be on the supply side, as new inventory, particularly among existing homes, is being met quickly by strong demand."  
•   Lending:  Lending guidelines are again, consumer friendly, yet still disciplined. 

Market News

1) GDP: Our US economy – measured as a whole – jumped from 2.2% for the 4th quarter, to a robust 1st Quarter growth of 3.1 %. Inventories are increasing in anticipation of increasing sales this Summer Season. A good sign of a strong economy. Should we expect some cooling – Yes. It is very good to be disciplined and not get ahead of ourselves.

2) Unemployment: Are we finally bottoming out? This is what we thought a couple of months ago, only to only get lower. Unemployment numbers are important to watch.

3) Expert Opinions: Dr. Doug Duncan – chief economist for Fannie Mae – referencing a significant slow down, sees “nothing on the horizon, for a recession, in the next couple of years.” Dr. Christopher Thornberg – chief economist at Beacon Economics and with UCLA – puts the economic horizon for a recession, out over 2 years. Number one risk: Political uncertainty.

Conclusion: Potential for our next recession – not in the foreseeable future. Yet?

Recent Residential Success Story:

Good news: Refinances are up. Long term rehabbers and flippers are again seeing the opportunity and availability of 30-year fixed rate loans. Call today to learn more.

For self-employed: Do you have great bank deposits, yet show low income on your tax returns? We are offering loans based on bank statement and stated income. Call for details.

Capital Gain Tax-Deferral: Have a client – with California investment property – choosing not to sell? Because of Capital gains? We have IRS approved ways to defer such problems and keep all your clients money working for them – and their future goals. Don’t miss out. Call.

Buying your next home: How about a “tool” using the old, as collateral for the new home? We also offer a tools where the current, “old” home payment, doe not count against you, while you get moved and settled. You need options and alternative ideas? Call today.

Because You Matter

I send out my thoughts and ideas to you, regularly. As you digest the words, if any questions come to mind, I would love to talk with you and see if I can answer them – in a helpful way. It is a part of the job, I love – people to people, person to person. I am here to help guide and offer a complete set of tools to answer questions and meet your needs.

Thus knowing each of you, has always shown to be the best way to best serve each individual – their unique needs and dreams – as simply and easily, as possible. Thank you for trusting me with yourself, and your friends and family. Referrals are appreciated.

Call me – Your success has always been our priority.

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