March 2019 Commercial Successes and Lending News

Good morning to Springtime,

Commercial Lending
Small Business and Investor Side of Our Business

1)  Interest rates:  Good news: Rates are one again investor friendly. We are 1/8 % lower than a year ago and rates are steady to declining, since the new year. Call – take advantage now.
2)  Who pays our Taxes:  In 2016 – latest year for published data – there were 141 million taxpayers. The top 1% – making over $480,804 – earned 19.7% of all income and paid 37.3% of all income taxes. Their average tax rate was 26.9%.  In contrast, the bottom 50% of taxpayers – less than $40,078 – earned 11.6% of all income, paying 3% of all income taxes. Their average income tax rate was 3.7%.   A strong middle class, keeps a nation strong.
3)  Commercial:  Apartment building starts continue strong, with the big-plus:  90-day commercial delinquencies at a record low 1/2 of 1%.  

Outcome: Commercial remains strong, with some signs of lender caution – China, rates, EU. Best not to speculate. With Spring Buying at hand, it maybe a quiet way of checking markets.

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Success Stories

Several calls about reallocating investor assets, with particular interest into how best to preserve investor capital, using our proven tools for moving capital gains forward. With this, are discussions about moving capital into NN and NNN assets into outlying metropolitan areas. To those places where new growth is just beginning. The Good News: We have the tools to both defer capital gains and provide fully amortizing loan solutions. Time is money – Call today.

Good news: In days past, any lender exceptions or adjustments – to their norms – meant higher rates to you. Our counter: A larger downpayment, offsets lender risk and thereby justifies the “better” rate. This is a stronger loan for all, as the “better rate” increases net cash available to pay on the loan. Such savvy lending awareness, should more and more become the preferred perspective. More skin in the game, with the better rate, makes better business sense.

Call us. We stand for you.

Good news: Our commercial success continues building steam. We have good lending partners who are flexible, willing to listen, and able to offer new programs with great terms.

Such is the reward of having good chemistry. They respect our work and trust us with referrals for clients in need of help. They appreciate our approach and loan packages. In return, we are careful to help them maintain the quality of their depository relationships. It works.

You have heard me say it before, it starts with our first conversation. Let’s talk today.

Many blessings for family and friends.

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