March 2019 Residential Lending Successes and News

Good morning to the Springtime buying season,

As we prepare ourselves for the joy of the Spring Buying Season, it’s time to give special consideration to the ‘Millenials. They are far more interesting, intelligent, and fun, than the too often described: “all tech”, “no touch”, “detached”, and “unappreciative” of customer service. The Good News: There is no such box. Yes they are highly educated and tech savvy. But far more. They also have a “learn-by-experience” awareness of being financially conservative, wanting to be sure things are done correctly. This makes them excellent home buyers. Contrary to media presentation, working with them shows them to be financial and economically sound. I find this inspiring, giving hope for our shared tomorrow.

How can we help You ?

Ours is to share our extensive information and knowledge. Our goal is helping you put together a sound plan, one easily followed and finished. The first conversation matters.

Points of interest: Call us to learn more

▪   For Veterans: We have program available for purchases up to $ 2.9 million  
▪   For single family homes and condos:  New lending limits: $ 726,525
▪   1st Time home-buyer:  Down payment assistance and Low down-payment options
▪   Self-employed: Use bank statements, not the confusion of tax returns to qualify

Market News

1) 80 % of Single Family homes – sold in Santa Clara County – are valued between $740,000 and $ 2,400,000. 10 % of Single Family homes sold for less than $740,000. For Condo and Townhouses, this range is between $475,000 to $ 1,170,000.

2) With the government shutdown slowing our economy, we struggled with the ill-effects of rising rates – with no inflation. There was falling stock values and critical concerns with China. The combination helped put the brakes on our local property sales and prices, though nationwide values are up over 4 %. Good News: Fears of interest rates have been calmed, negotiations with China are positive, and the stock market has recovered from institutional gaming. Bottom line: Pent-up demand, good inventory, waiting for Spring. Are you ready? Call today.

3) Paraphrasing economist Dr. Chris Thornberg to a group of Silicon Valley investors: “The economy, the charts, jobs, says everything is the best we have seen in 25 years!”

I am thrilled by this opportunity and for those ready to act in this market.

Market Concerns:

1) Will Federal Reserve policy keep its promise to not raise rates, without solid evidence.
2) Slowdown? Based upon the above, it is not imminent. History will have to wait.
3) Will Congress stop negotiating and do the right thing? Sign off on NAFTA 2.

The lesson: Choices and decisions should be based on solid, proven models with verifiable facts. It is here we can help you address your concerns and maximize your financial future. Your real estate life – today and tomorrow – is my issue. We are ready to help, today.

Recent Residential Success Stories

Good news: Our latest successes include a construction take-out loan for an awesome, self-employed borrowers. Talk about levels of complexity and the success we achieved – wow.

Working news: Clients resetting their finances, recognizing rates are once again attractive, fair, and makes sense. Will this last? History says: Act Now.

Reverse mortgage tools: Clients wondering if they can afford their home – after retiring – should call. We have a reverse mortgage tool to help simplify the choice. It can also help a client seeking to purchase their next home – using a reverse mortgage – while having no mortgage payment. We can show you a range of proven options to help build your future.

Tax-Deferral: Have a client wanting to sell a California investment property, but not pay Capital gains? We have IRS approved ways to defer, so they can re-invest their monies.

Because You Matter

We work with individuals, professionals, and Small Business owners. And, like you, our focus is on securing advantageous financing best fit for you, your real estate, or small business. Our initial ‘sit-down’ often proves “key”. It is based on our experience and expertise, as we carefully review and utilize the tools of our trade, to achieve your success. It is an effective use of time and efficient in defining productive, long-term solutions.

Our distinctive difference: Our Company has been in business 17 years, focusing on financial “solutions” for residential, commercial, small business, and construction. This includes Reverse Mortgages, tax-deferral of highly appreciated real estate, and advantageous loans for small business and commercial. For Myself, the focus of my 32 years is bringing the joy of success to real estate financing. I love what my multi-disciplined experience brings to our clients and your clients. It is my passion.

Our approach and experience sets us apart – Call today

As you can tell, home finance is far more than a scant overview of rates and fees. What is needed is a financial specialist who wants to know you and your concerns – one who is able to address your needs. It is how we best optimize your desires, within the right loan.

My suggestion: Plan Today, so you will be ready for your Tomorrow.

One closing thought: Yes, the standard loan is our bread and butter. Yet we love a good challenge and are ready to help today. We love to hear “Yes”, when others say, “no way”. Give us a call. Our many referrals speak to the quality of our workmanship.

As always, thank you for your calls and referrals. Your success is our priority.

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