March 2020 Commercial Lending News From a Different Point.

Good morning to wary times of worry; 

What to watch in 2020 – UnintendedConsequencesand Outcomes

Daily, we witness multiplegyrations of the above cautionary statement. Only this time, on a scale never before experienced orthought possible. And somewhere between the known and unknown, thereseems a vast rangeof everybody’s best guess and speculation about a rapidly moving pandemic. The outcome: Staying home, limited work, closed schools & borders, and even restaurants. Expectation: Aroller coaster ride, in the dark, with many twists and turns. 

Refinancewill be huge the next few months. Please don’t wait and be sad you did. Act now. I haveno predictions, but our governments and Fed will continue to support our economy, tokeep America working. Good news:Good hygiene and common sense is the best first defense. 

Act Now – Call today. Let’s lock in these rates.

Lower your payments and benefit from more cash in your pockets. 

It is amazing how abruptly things can change and often without thought of secondary ramifications. Last Monday, Santa Clara County recorder’s office closed. Santa Clara County is one County refusing to update to electronic recording of loan papers. As a result, over 800 residential real estate transactions due to close, in the next couple of weeks, may not. Ouch!

Magic, the County says they ‘are able to accept’ E-recordings.. Sad to see what it takes to move the cheese.

Sadly, this is happening on so many levels. Consider the much needed groups, like Sunnyvale Community Services, who provide food to hundreds of people, closing their doors. Yet, I trust we will figure a way around this, as well. Let’s hope “closings” do not become a fashion statement, when what we sincerely need are good shepherds. 

Commentary on stock market gyrations and wide swings, are far beyond my skills. We simply have to wait for stability, as stock rotations continue. This will happen and remember, for each share sold, there is more and more money, on the sidelines, ready and waiting to invest. 

Thinking of refinancing a balloon loan, investing in residential property, or in need of a sounding board – let’s talk. For many, now is a good time to refinance, to modify one’s commercial portfolio, or to strengthen the balance sheet. If so, let’s start today whileinterest rates scream – take action today. How about reviewing the many advantages of a tax-deferred exchange? Give a ring or an email. What better way to explore your options and ideas.

The rewards will go to the patient, persistent ones. Picture this, the residential mortgage market does about 1.5 T in loans annually. Right now half of that is trying to get done in 1 month. There are methods to employ to be in the hunt.

Small Business – New Programs are coming to help. Call us.

Be well, take care of others, and together, this too, shall pass.

Many blessings for family and friends.

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