March 2021 Residential Lending News and Successes

Good morning to the joys of Spring,

Good News: Spring is Back – Prepare Today

Home sales are healthy and home refi’s – incredibly strong. 

Sellers continue selling and Buyers are ready for action. 

We are seeing steadfast confidence in real estate. The Good News: Fake fears cannot stop the American spirit and drive for success. More important: We have gained a sense of joyful appreciation of our homes being far more than facts and data. It is about people, families and neighborhoods, of whom we are thankful. My suggestion, lets talk, today. Preparation is key.

Points of interest:

  • Housing: Home prices, nationwide, continue their solid, strong upward pace.
  • Stock market: Hanging in there. Fed suggests it will remain accommodative, even with or if a temporary uptick in inflation. The market is also watching the unfolding of the new administration. Issues: taxes, regulation, immigration, and importing CoVid. 
  • Refi: Mortgage rates remain the good news.  But, we have seen a decent bump upwards. More on this below. Call today – Don’t wait – Don’t be surprised.
  • Interest Rates: Rates continue great. 
    • Conventional loans: Tracking low 3’s, with cash out refi running a bit higher. 
    • VA rates and FHA rates: Fixed still in the mid to upper 2’s. Plus Veterans refi special: 1) Refi from conventional loan into a VA loan, and 2) Rate-reduction refi’s have NO income, NO asset documentation.  If a Vet? Call today.
  • CA Jumbo: Yes to: Self-employed, Yes to: 80/10/10. This in addition to all the standard conventional Jumbo loans. Call. Let’s make it happen, today.
  • Underwriting: Purchases – first priority of the underwriterTurn around time can be a quick couple of days. Amen. How about Refinance? Patience wins. Best to start today.

Key to SuccessStart the paperwork today. Let talk.

  • New Builders: Going gangbusters in spite of new upward pressure in materials costs. 

Market News

1) US Economy: Good News: Vaccinations. With it, the re-opening up retail and some local economies. Amen. Now begins assessing the damages – our economy, people and Small Business – and focus on healing. First is returning to full employment. 10 + % unemployment is not good and I don’t believe even begins to tell the whole story. Call. We are here to help.

The “smart” news: Savings rates continue upward. A recent poll suggests 80 % of the last stimulus check, went into savings. It is wise to be cautious, with extra cash a good safety net. 

2) Employment: Latest jobs numbers are trending sideways. Like the US Economy, future hiring will likely not match a typical recovery from a recession.  Good news: No elections on the immediate horizon to confuse, distort, or interfere with needed progress. How does this play out? The coming year is critical, but I do believe the American spirit is thriving in our Small Business. We need to stand with them, as a first priority. This is a must and we can help. 

3) Real Estate: ‘Amazing‘ ! Best key: Affordability. When one adds rising incomes to a “40% debt-to-income ratio” – a lender number – our Bay area real estate market has room to support a 14% increase in value.  Don’t miss out on these low rates!! Call Today! Free of election gamesmanship, I am hopeful, this great news of ‘affordability’ will make the headlines.

Success Stories

Key is the team. We recently saved a client over $ 800,000 in capital gains taxes. The Big Plus: they get to work and invest this savings – for the next 30 years – before having to address the sale. If this is the success you want – to work with your money for the next 30 years – give us a call. Better than paying Uncle Sam or Governor of your State.

 Such success, requires a team of successful professionals, especially if or when a transaction stumbles into a ‘bump’ in the road. Great teams hit the bump, do a thorough review, and respond quickly and to the point. The goal: Everybody wins with a smile of satisfaction. 

 Who is on your team? We have many fabulous agents working many differing areas and geography. Give a ring. Let’s talk and review our recommendation list, with you. 

Staying in Place ?

From the first conversation, we build a pathway to your Success:

1) Long-Term: Traditional financing.  The Good News: No age restriction.

2) Short-term: A great tool in this market of very low interest rates is Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC). Perfect for short-term ‘chunk cash’, plus the benefit of flexible repayment. 

2) Keeping One’s Home: Key is an interactive discussion. Here we talk about the pluses and minuses of keeping or selling. Is this home a best for age limitations? Are you will to relocate to a new geographic area? What about Estate planning, debt obligations, and meeting monthly living expenses? How will Proposition 19 impact you? My job is to help clear the air. Call.

3) Reverse Mortgage: Often offered as a great way to eliminate stress, especially the monthly burden of the home mortgage payment. It stops, while adding new income, each month. Call.

4) Choosing to Sell: When Selling, Capital Gains taxes often become the make or brake. If so, I am here to show you how to defer – even avoid – potentially huge tax bill? Let’s talk. We can review the tools available and how to best benefit, when there is substantial appreciation.

The good news and blessing:

We have several options and proven tools to this stress into a benefit. From the 1031 tax deferred exchange, to a number of other strategies. Let’s talk and start preparing today.

We are ready to help – today. We have a vast array experience, proven estate planners, tax preparers, and IRS approved tax-deferral strategies. We have answers and strategic solutions useful for both individuals and corporations – for decades. With election promises of higher taxes, it maybe time to act. Suggest: Start planning today, without delay. Your money matter. 

The Good News: Rates are Awesome

– New Homes or Refinance – 

Self-employed: Times are tricky, but we are up to challenge, when you are ready. So please. Let’s talk and review your unique situations and lay out workable options and best possibilities. I stand with Small Business and respect those daring to be self-employed – the very backbone of America and the American spirit of free enterprise. Let’s stand together. Call today. 

Buying your next home: Two very helpful “tools”. 1) A client uses their old home, as collateral for their new home!! 2) A tool whereby one’s current payment on the “old” home, does not count against your client, while settling into their new home. Excellent. You need options, tools, and alternative ideas? We have them. Call today.

*** Keep Your Cash & Defer Taxes ***

Capital Gains Tax Deferral: Preparing for a major shift in your life, but tax fears are holding you back? This may include: Closely held stock, owner occupied real estate, or a small business. If this is you, we have excellent strategies to reduce or defer capital gains taxes. This means keeping more of YOUR hard earned investment dollars, working for you. You have questions? Please ask. We love finding answers that meet your specific need.

Our conversation: Tax deferred ‘1031’ and beyond.  Call today.

Renting but wanting to Buy?

We offer market-based calculations comparing renting vs. the benefits of owning. Answers can be rewarding.Good news: We look beyond boiler plate, typical big numbers. We understand ‘affordability’ is unique for each and every individual, and family. Our focus is to understand you, asking pertinent questions to help guide your financial future. Our concern is more about “live-ability”, and less about ‘how big a home can I afford.’  A big, first step made better.

Because You Matter – Call us 

Success begins in knowing YOU, our Clients

& preparing for Your tomorrow, today 

Thank you for trusting me with yourself and family, and your friends. Referrals are appreciated.

Call me – Your success is the first priority.